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    Copper flakes on patches after first cleaning

    I have experienced that in the past with sierra bullets. That is slivers of bullet jacket. When I switched to nosler I never had that again. ctw
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    Biggest whitetail you ever seen and didn’t get a shot at.

    This thread gives me nightmares. When I quit shaking and sweating and am able to get out of the fetal position, I will post another reply. ctw
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    How many guys single feed?

    single feed at bench only. ctw
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    270 Ackley vs. 270 Sherman...?

    That is exactly what I have been thinking now for some time. Neck down 280ia eliminating going thru with fireforming and such. Nosler already producing 280ia brass. ctw
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    Dents/Crimp on shoulder cause?

    try not getting lube on the shoulder, lube on the shoulder will cause this. ctw
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    1.5 lbs on all mine. ctw
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    what advantage is gained by spiral fluting of bolt

    Thanks guys,I appreciate the responses. ctw
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    what advantage is gained by spiral fluting of bolt

    Weatherby this last year has brought out the markv with the spiral fluting on their bolt actions,and I was wondering to what advantage is there to be gained over their straight bolt. I thought that I would no doubt get the answer I was looking for on the gunsmithing section. I tried using the q...
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    Bull Elk This Morning

    very nice photo's indeed, I thank you as well. ctw
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    7-378 Weatherby, Long Range 7mm

    Don't be to concerned about poor or incomplete powder burn. The radius shoulder on the weatherby cases with it's venturi effect where designed to be a more efficient use of the gasses to propel the bullet. Giving that design a more complete or better burn on the fuel provided; or in this case...
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    7-378 Weatherby, Long Range 7mm

    I think a 7-378 would make for an exciting cartridge. Weatherby markv action 26" barrel and what ever scope choice you decide on. Powder capacity is there, go with a fast twist to stabilize the heavier higher ballistic bullets. I would try the Hornady .30-378 brass, a lot harder than weatherby...
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    7-378 Weatherby, Long Range 7mm

    It has been a rumor for the past few months that weatherby was working on a 7-.378 weatherby mag. But then they came out with the 6.5 rpm. This was the chatter on weatherby nation; until I see it I will just take it as that, a rumor. ctw
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    6.5 Creedmoor for moose

    An Alaskan moose hunt for me would be a one in a life time adventure for me. so I would definetly take enough rifle to insure my success. I would take my .338-378 weatherby mag loaded with 250 gr. nosler accu bonds. I think that should prove adequate. The muzzle brake or the louder than...
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    Do Primers Go Bad

    My hand loads for the 2017 and 2018 season where from the last I had from a brick from 2007. My next hand loads will be from a brick from 2012. When I buy primers I always write the date that I purchased them. I always use the older primers first as I rotate my stock. I have yet to experience a...
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    Rl-26 (fairy dust) replacement?

    I'm not sure about rl26 being made in Australia. All of my canisters of rl26 powders say that they were made in Switzerland for alliant powder. Did they move Switzerland to Australia? lol