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    Just bought a Rem. 700 R5 308

    I agree with the above. I would add that the 308 is also way cheaper to shoot and has a way better barrel life. This is a great round for long range target shooting. When you are ready to step up your game or go LR hunting for larger game, then you can rebarrel to a short mag for more long range...
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    "Bulletflight"Any one using this software?

    I have been using Bulletflight for awhile now and it does compare favourably to Exbal and I was quite skeptical when I purchased it. not saying it is better than Exbal, but it is accurate. I like Exbal too but find myself using my Itouch more than my PDA at the range these days. It offers quick...
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    .243 good for long-range?

    another in agreement with the above posts. The 243 is a great long range performer for paper but deer sized game past about 500yards, not so much. This round is a good performer out to 1000yrds on paper and is a fabulous varmint round to most all distances the shooter is capable of shooting...
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    Rem 700 sps Varmint

    This is the exact rifle my wife is shooting (it was her wedding present from me LOL). absolutely a great rifle. I do agree with sniperjwt that speedgoats past 500 would not be the best idea (though i am sure some will say no problem) but varmints - I say go for it. great performer
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    Quiet possibly the best factory guns you can buy

    A very accurate solid platform. Savage has really paid attention to what shooters are looking for. Personally I dont like the Accutrigger but hey, thats just me and its a quick easy replacement with any other offering. Price wise they are incredible. as a platform to build from Savage/Stevens...
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    Just Starting Out....Questions

    Any time my friend. enjoy the rifle and have fun putting the lead downrange!
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    win 243

    My wifes 243 is a very capable rifle at 400 yards for deer, provided the shooter does his/her job. Her deer load is currently imr4831 powder pushing a 85gr barnes tsx. very good accuracy. this is the absolut max I allow her to shoot at deer sized animals. Coyotes etc get the dose out to as far...
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    Help with ring hieght !

    I clear my NF 56mm NXS with low Burris rings on an EGW base. Medium rings on my wifes 50mm scoped Rem sat the scope quite high over the barrel. we since changed her's out to lows as well. I have about 1/8" or so and she has 1/4" clearance from objective to barrel
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    Range finders?

    I have no experience with the Zeiss but I had a Leica1200 and now a swaro. I really liked the Leica for its size and its ranging ability. It zipped targets out to 1000 yards quickly and seemingly had no issues..... at first. Unfortunately this particular unit failed within a couple weeks. After...
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    Swarovski RangeFinder

    Len, I have heard this opinion from the Canadian Bushnell waranty department when I sent in my Elite 1500. I was having an issue of it not ranging to it's 'potential' even on good ranging days on highly reflective targets. In a discussion with a Rep, I had asked why they offered only black lcd...
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    Swarovski RangeFinder

    I agree guys, mine does the same thing. it seems to be very apparent on brighter days, overcast not so much. I find that just looking through the ocular a little differently solves the issue to some extent. I do agree that this should not be an issue on a $1000 piece of equipment but they really...
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    Just Starting Out....Questions

    Burrdock, just a couple humble suggestions for you. before going and spending money on the rifle, could you have someone else with more shooting experience shoot the Sendero? this may offer some insight into the capable accuracy of the rifle with this ammo. Possibly the rifle simply doesnt shoot...
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    .243 & .308 projectile choices?

    Really depends on the twist rate of the rifling in the rifles. Barnes TSX 85 grain with Varget or IMR4831 powder in my wifes 1 in 9.25" remington shoot very good and maintain very good accuracy out to 700meters. We keep shots on deer sized targets to 400 for her. coyotes and such as far as she...
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    Opinions needed

    +1. The sightron SIII would be my first pick. Nothing wrong with any of these choices. I did have an issue with one of my Bushnell 6-24x50T scopes. Had it looked over at the Canadian Bushnell waranty department and got it back better than ever. took almost 6months though. Good old Canadian thing...
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    my first custom build

    Looks like it will be a great custom. congrats. definately will need a range report when you get it out.