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    Nosler J4's DAVE KING please read...

    Re: Nosler J4\'s DAVE KING please read... I have been using J4's for a couple of years now. I even shot three deer with them last year. I have found the J4's to be very accurate as well as being less expensive than the MK's. I weighed an entire box and found all 100 to be within 2 grains...
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    Russian LRU-1 Rangefinder story

    Uhh Jerry ...... a mile is 1760 yards. Peter
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    Introducing New Shooters to Our Sport

    Apparently I have it good compared to lots of guys out there. I used my wife's rifle to make my first long range kill! All my rifles are varminters that aren't exactly suitable for big game. Then I made the mistake of putting her behind a bench/varmint rifle and she thought that was pretty...
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    AimShot 2,000 yd. range finder

    That is not the experience I have had with my new Leica 1200. We went to a local 900m range and were quite easily able to range the dirt backstop at 1005 yards. I don't think naked dirt could be classed as a "reflective target". I took multiple readings and they all came up within 2 yards...
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    Thoughts on the 6mm-284

    My 243 has a1:8 barrel and I have shot it out to 2000 yds but the terminal energy out there is comparible to a .380 handgun. With all the talk about using big calibres and heavy bullets on this forum, I just wondered what guys thought was a reasonable idicator of terminal performance. I am...
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    Thoughts on the 6mm-284

    I have a question, mostly because I have a fast twist .243 that shoots this same bullet but I had never really considered it a long-range deer rifle. The 6/284 data above works out to about 500 ft/lbs at sea level. Is this really enough to reliably kill deer. Obviously we know it worked in...
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    Long range or short range?

    One of my hunting friends has a strategy that I think is applicable to this question. My buddy like to try to match or complement the weapon to the prey or the style of hunting he wishes to pursue. For example he would choose a muzzle-loader or Sharps if he were to go on a Bison hunt. This...
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    The bench is a homebuilt made by my evil genious shooting partner Ken from bits he cobbled together along the way. The bench is adjustable in just about every direction but I found it to be a bit unstable and too short for my 6' 2" frame. Peter
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    Just Back From WORK...

    I don't know if I can compete with Ian's "work" story but I will try. Regulars on this list may have noticed I have not been around for quite a while. This is because I have been busy with my part-time job as a Technical Advisor to a Canadian company selling weapons and equipment to military...
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    Practice with .22 lr

    We do a lot of .22 rimfire shooting here because most of the farms we shot gophers at are too small for big centrefires. Rifles are usually heavy barreled target versions like Anschutz etc. Gophers are about 2.5" wide and 6-9" tall. I have made hits out to 200 yds and a whole lot of hits...
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    Best powder for '06?

    Re: Best powder for \'06? I have been having a lot of luck with IMR 4350 and 168gr bullets in the wife's 30-06. We are using this combination to compete out to 1000 yds as well as for hunting. I have enough reloading to do that I don't need to complicate my life with multiple loads for each...