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    My issues with the Berger method…..

    I have found that 0.0 or a slight jam seems to be where it’s at.
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    Bolt Sticks

    I’ll just leave this here.
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    Bino Case opinions?

    I have the Badlands harness and really like it.
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    Cough Suppressor?

    Careful with the nose pinch method. All that pressure has to go somewhere. Good way to ruin your shorts. Or so a friend told me.
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    New Forster Co-ax

    I was in the same boat as you when I bought my coax. I decided to just swap out all my rings with the Forster and couldn’t be happier. would the Lee work? Probably but the free floating alignment is why you bought the coax in the first place, so don’t handicap it IMO. I love not having to...
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    Nosler RDFs 140gr. 6.5mm for sale

    Still have 500 left.
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    Nosler RDFs 140gr. 6.5mm for sale

    I have one box of 500 bullets left. Bump
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    Nosler RDFs 140gr. 6.5mm for sale

    It sounded good in my head when I typed it. Then when I reread it, it was really confusing. thank you for the catch sir.
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    Nosler RDFs 140gr. 6.5mm for sale

    Thank you fletcher. I did write that in a confusing way. I fixed it.
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    Nosler RDFs 140gr. 6.5mm for sale

    I have two unopened 500 count boxes of Nosler RDFs 6.5mm 140gr. for sale and also a partial box with over 300 in it I would like to sell. My rifle wouldn’t group these well. I"m asking $250 for each of the 500 count boxes, or $500 both boxes (1000 bullets) shipped to the lower 48.
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    Is my barrel worn out?

    I have had barrels crap the bed nearly overnight. I would check the things mentioned but at your round count you are definitely on the latter end of life of the barrel. Nearly the exact thing happened with me and my 6.5X47. After doing the mandatory checks as listed above it pretty much points...
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    CCI SRPs in stock at Midway

    At least they’re pooping back up. I’ll take that as a good sign. now I just patiently wait until the price gets back to sanity.
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    Nightforce MOAR advice

    I have three NF scopes. a 5.5-22 NXS, 5-25 ATACR SFP and 5-25 ATACR FFP. Have NEVER had an issue with dialing and I have dialed all of them many, many, many times. You need not worry. Dial the crazy out of a NF and it will be just fine.
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    Stuck case in chamber

    Yep. Same thing.