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    Nightforce NX8 announcement

    I JUST ordered the 4x32x50 and a 2.5x20x50 NX8 literally 2 weeks ago! I actually prefer the 2FP but its too late now...
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    Struggling w a new Leupold VX-6HD 4-24x52

    Same method and thought process on my end, bashing a product doesn't help anything. I grew up using Leupold and hearing my dad and other old timers tell me they were the best (at the time I believe they were) and grew to be extremely loyal to the brand. Optics technology and feature...
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    Struggling w a new Leupold VX-6HD 4-24x52

    Based on everything you've said, its either the rings (not likely) or the scope... I second what another poster suggested. When you get it back, sell it and buy an NF NX8. Similar magnification range and they just work. I've owned or extensively used numerous versions of both brands and have...
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    Want To Buy Lightweight compact rifle

    Based in the caliber range you posted, take a hard look at the 6GT. I had a M700 SA in the safe not doing anything and decided to give it a try based on research and local opinion. It will do anything the .243 can and is MUCH more efficient and very easy to tune. I went with a 24" Bartlein in...
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    MEC. Marksman press,

    Bought one last year and love it!
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    Opinions on NightForce SHV Scopes

    I currently have 2 of the SHV's and they are IMO, the best value for the particular price range. I've carried both of them out to 1200yds on numerous occasions and they always track perfectly. I've used numerous other brands in the same price point and MY personal choice is the NF SHV. There...
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    Must have gun feature

    Over the years Ive accumulated a little of everything in my rifle configurations. The shortest "big game" rifle I currently own is a 22" 7mm-08, and the longest and heaviest is a 26"bbl in a 300WM, and several others falling somewhere in between. Hunting is my first thought in building a rifle...
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    Why can’t we get good dies!

    Obviously opinions aren't in short supply for this guy. He's been a member for less than a month and already over 300 comments. There's another forum he should check out where all the "snipers" hide and seem to enjoy negativity and frequent arguments.
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    6mm ARC

    Meh... A 6mm at an ADVERTISED 2750fps likely means a reality of 2675-2725. Just not enough to separate from the already saturated offering in the 6mm class for me. Obviously, Hornady did the research and believes there's room for another one with the AR crowd, but I predict little if any...
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    Best cleaners

    Like most on here, Ive tried most everything on the market looking for what is "best". I hate cleaning rifles and focus on what offers the best combo of performance and relative ease. Bore-Tech Eliminator is the best thing I've tried and all I've used for the last couple of years. I'm in the...
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    Terminus Apollo Hammers

    I think the point of this thread was lost long ago when ego's got involved. It seems some are really hung up on the fact they interpreted the group to be shot by the original poster rather than the actual shooter. Whatever... Fact is, In the years I've been a part of this forum, I've never...
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    Sierra 165gr Gamechanger 7mm Bullet Performance?

    Same story as the others... Just couldn't get them to shoot in my 7RM which is a rifle that shoots everything else I've played with from Hammers to Hornady. I tried them for a couple of reasons 1) Sierra traditionally produces very accurate bullets 2) I have a shooting partner who uses them in...
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    7mm 08 bullets

    As a guy who loves to play with the latest greatest bullet stuff, the tried and true 150gr NBT shoots bugholes in my 7-08. They are fairly economical and have always given me one shot drops on whitetail.
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    Terminus Apollo Hammers

    Alex explained most of this in an earlier response. Obviously an aggregate will always be lower than a snapshot of a rifle/shooter due to multiple variances that affect outcomes. The original post was created by the designer and manufacturer of the action used to accomplish the phenomenal...
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    Terminus Apollo Hammers

    Lots of "experts" on this thread who admit they have never shot a group like the one posted but strangely they seem to possess the knowledge that no one else could achieve it? 100% agree with Alex that a well built custom rifle, with proper load tuning, capable shooter, and favorable conditions...

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