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    What’s your five? 5 Calibers to do it all...

    22LR 22-250 or 220 Swift (have and love both) 25-06 300 H&H 375 H&H
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    New Reloading room done

    looks slightly cleaner than mine
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    Really didn't want to share.

    I took the family out shooting once and so there were several guns out. Somehow I accidently shot a 40 S&W out of a 1911 45 ACP. You are correct, you have to be careful. I also was trap shooting once and we had two Browning made M12s, one in 20 gauge, the other in 28 gauge. These were the...
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    New bench a long time coming...

    My reloading area is a disaster. This has giving me incentive. Now to start ...
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    Buyer Beware-New Seller Alert

    Good luck with PayPal. I bought some things that were supposed to be silver and they weren't. I disputed with PayPal, explained the circumstances and after several months, they ruled in their favor. Good luck.
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    $2000 for a LR 300 WM. Best choice

    I really really do not like Bass Pro very much. I think they have ruined Cabelas. I have a good friend who worked at Cabelas 2 or 3 years ago. He told me he went in there the other day and did not recognize anyone that was working in the area he had been in (gun department). He said the sad...
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    $2000 for a LR 300 WM. Best choice

    I was looking at the x-bolt, CA Mesa, and Fierce. I do not usually see Coopers that often in stores, so I was excited about it. I have a Cooper in 22-250 that shoots dead on. I also have a 30-06, but I am still working a load for that. I am somewhat waiting for warmer weather. Can't wait...
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    $2000 for a LR 300 WM. Best choice

    I was looking for a long range 300 WM also. I walked into a sportsmans warehouse about 3 weeks ago and they hade a Cooper model 52 timberline on Clearance. Marked from $2500 down to $1900. Couldn't pass it up. Pretty excited about it.
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    Cooper Model 52 300 Win Mag - Should I jump at it.

    I have a 25-06, 30-06, and a couple of 300 H&Hs. The 300s are a Winchester Model 70 (1958) and a Remington Model 721 that I inherited from my father. They 25-06 is a Hill Country with a Remington 700 action. I have worked up a load and have had groups touching. The 30-06 is a Cooper Model 52...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Kimber super american (newyork)

    so what does the target that came with it look like?
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    Has the 30-06 died along with the .308 ???

    I have owned multiple 30-06s, but never been "enthused" about them. I currently have a Husqvarna post war sporter that I purchased from my brother. He needed the money. He is 81 now and one of his childhood friends became a gunsmith, and took the gun from him and went through it (ie trigger...
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    Cooper 30-06

    I will try that out. Thanks
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    Cooper 30-06

    I just picked up a used Cooper Model 52 30-06. It was a shotshow 2014 gun. I have added some pictures. It looks very similar to a custom classic. It was the guy's father who owned it and he did not have a box or target. I was planning on working up a load using IMR-4350 powder. I did some...
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    Rifles we wish we've never sold, and WHY!

    Not a rifle, but a pistol. I inherited a new, in the box, Colt Woodsman Match Target 22. When I would shoot it, it just seemed to hit exactly whatever I was aiming at. I sold it to buy a mountain bike. The bike is now worth next to nothing (this was in 1992), and the gun has just gone up in...
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    Leupold vx6hd vs Mark 5hd

    In relation to the glass difference between the VX-5HD and the VX-6HD, I do not believe they are the same. The 6HD was significantly clearer. The 6HD and Mk5, looked very close. I can believe they are the same glass, I don't believe the 5HD and 6HD are though.