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    7mm proof

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    SOLD/EXPIRED Used once NF ultralight rings, 34 mm 6 bolt, and ADI

    What is that height of rings? Very interested
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Nightforce nxs 8x32x56 MOAR-T

    Selling my nightforce nxs 8x32x56 moa MOAR-T reticle. Zero stop, high speed turrets, sunshade, lens covers. I'll also be including a set of hawkins precision rings which are top of the line and American made in Colorado. $1900 PAYPAL shipping and insurance included. Text for pictures cause I...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Jae Allen 700 stock.

    Did you ever get rid of this
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners T4A, DBM Mini Chassis and 5 Round AI Mag

    Do you know if this will fit a defiance deviant? I know they are both 700 footprints but don't know if there is any difference that would cause it not to work
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Used But Unfired Defiance Deviant Med. Action standard bolt face

    Looks like it's missing the firing pin assembly?
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    Dixie precision Brandon Mississippi review

    I've been holding off for a while but it's time to give Dixie precision a review. I went to Dixie last October to have them build a 300 win mag for me. I already had the chassis on hand and the nightforce was ordered. I was told the gun would be ready the week before Xmas. I thought this was...
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    Can you send me some pics of the scope please?

    Can you send me some pics of the scope please?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 700 5R 300 Win Mag with Manners T4 with mini-chasis

    My offer is still available just keep me posted.