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    Glad to be out of camp for a week although were the only ones on the west coast still able to...

    Glad to be out of camp for a week although were the only ones on the west coast still able to build road so i should count myself lucky i suppose
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    Warm barrel flyer

    The 7mm ultra mag im building will put the first two shots down a cold barrel right thru the exact same hole out to 400yards the third is starting to drift away never heated it up beyond that. Hop this helps good luck with the elk hunt i think your friend will be fine
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    338-06 ?

    Ok just answered my questions all by myself very informative write-up in American hunter site on this chambering
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    338-06 ?

    Im wondering if anyone in this forum could tell me where this chambering originated what was the intent of such a round id never heard of a 338 06 until my brother in law picked one up from a friend. A little history on it would be good I've tried to Google it but not much comes up for me
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    In between 7mm-08 & .308

    If its just recoil thats holding him back from a 308 try an aftermarket stock. My 308 varmint barrel used to kick like a mule with 180's untill i put the MDT ORYX on it now it recoils like my light little 223 savage
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    Stupid question?

    I been wearing the velcro ones since they came out in the 80s i think it was hahaha
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    How many MOA for base?

    Sounds like your putting all the right stuff together i went with the 30 moa rail on the 7mm ultra mag im building and would expect the right shooter to be able to pull off a mile with it .that shooter won't be me though hehe. Good luck with your endeavor
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    An idea for controlling / spotting impacts in heavy recoiling rifles

    The block supressor i had on an M107 almost completely nulified the muzzle jump and recoil to the point wher it reoild like a 30 06 with 125gr bullets. Id definitely try that if you haven't already. Yes that will add a considerable amount of weight to an already heavy rifle .but worked...
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    7mmSTW vs 7mm remington ultra mag

    Would be a pretty boring world if we all shot the same rifle with the same barrel and action and trigger and same bullet with the same powder . This is what i love about this all i think my 308 is sexy as hell the next guy might think its ugly as ####
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    7mmSTW vs 7mm remington ultra mag

    I believe that most chamberings of the 7mm can be very impressive. When i set out to build an ELR rifle the 7RUM pretty much presented itself to me and I grabbed it. I was after the shock and awe efect with accuracy high on my list . Now that its almost done and ready to sell i think I've...
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    Stupid question?

    No such thing as a stupid question only stupid answers haha well i used tosay that for years until i met my swamper at 30 years old he cant tie his shoes and im sure it takes great concentration for him to breathe hahaha
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    7mmSTW vs 7mm remington ultra mag

    Thank you the one statement that remains to stand out in my mind is Noslers own reveiw of the 7RUM states " the highest performing 7mm ever made commercially available "
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    7mmSTW vs 7mm remington ultra mag

    Beautiful thats the only action ill use anymore and yes that caliber. Yesir sounds like a tack driver to me. Im thinking the next one i build may be a defiance action but they are a blueprint replica of a 700 action anyway with slightly tighter tolerances
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    7mmSTW vs 7mm remington ultra mag

    Awsome love the stock they sure look impressive theres a mercury tube in the one on the 7RUM i showed you pictures of i cant wait to get good glass on it .the one your son is shooting is a short action? What caliber. Nice rifle do you or he still have it?
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    MRAD or MOA

    My brain doesn't like alternatives i learned moa and feel confident in my understanding of that system so i prefer not to mess my brain up with another system hahaha