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    For Sale Brand new Surgeon 1581 XL and XLR Evolution Folding Chassis

    Lol Kasey... Maybe @rpierce will hook ya up when he gets a little time. He took great care of me on my Kelbly and all the goodies with it I needed. 👊🏻
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    RL 26

    better order that rl26 online...
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    RL 26

    Yup just called and have lots as of now... nothing else I needed...
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    RL 26

    Yeah I’m the one in Oregon looking for N570 and has RL26... Always open to trades. Unopened 8lbs
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    Want To Buy N570. Have RL26 to work in a trade

    Hey some believe in Unicorns, Bigfoot, etc. I don’t, but I believe in dumb luck sometimes and hoping this is an example of it when someone has some! Lol
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    Want To Buy N570. Have RL26 to work in a trade

    Looking for N570. I know it’s hard to find but looking to buy some. Could arrange shipping. Have an unopened 8lb of RL26 to trade or part trade if anybody needs that. Located in Oregon if Face to Face could work too. I travel to Idaho some. Pm me.
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    Winchester Staball 6.5

    I did some research and it seems to be finicky and not perform all that well until right before max loads. I bought 5 lbs the other day to try in my 22in barrel 7 Sherman MAX shooting 145gr BDG2 bullets. Gun isn’t done yet so no experience yet. But burn rate is about exactly how I want. Between...
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    Powder closest to H 100v for 7 Sherman Max

    But 17 is temperature sensitive is my issue with it...
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    OMR Lone Rock Ti Action

    @kaseyfied had used one.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Tikka T3x Barreled action 270wsm**SOLD**

    $650 shipped with everything in the picture I believe.
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    Oregon mountain rifle company carbon fiber prefits

    Agreed, he’s a good dude just has more to learn. He still needs to make everything right though and make sure he does everything within reason to make his customers happy. He’s been doing that with others. Hope somehow he can make it right with you but seems like he’s past that opportunity.

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