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    Berger 168 classic hunter bc change

    No bullet design changes, just a little more accurate number on the sticker.
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    Powder Resupplies

    Saw a few 1# jugs and a couple 8#ers at a local gun store a couple weeks ago. Was planning to go back and grab some but then found some bottles of H4350 for a better price at, believe it or not, a local Gander Outdoors
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    Anyone know when N-570 come out again???

    Some hopefully good news here. We (Capstone) should be getting a shipment within the next few weeks. I'm being told it did get held up in customs for a random check but that's nothing out of the ordinary. I'm not sure what the exact time frame looks like since we don't deal with that side of...
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    30-06, 215 Berger, and H4350

    Shoot us an email to [email protected] and we can send you a data sheet for the 215gr bullets
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    Free Range Hunts Vs. High Fence

    I've never hunted a high fence ranch and likely never will, mostly due to costs. But if the place is 20,000+ acres, I can't see how that wouldn't feel like a free range hunt anyway. Story can be much different if you are only talking a couple hundred acres though. To each their own. If its...
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    Did berger change there packaging ?

    Late to the party here guys ;). Yes, there are some changes going on with the packaging that we are in the middle of right now. We are eventually going to be transitioning all of the boxes to a yellow box and the color differences you are used to seeing (orange, tan, etc) will be on a new...
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    I got my first 6.5 CM for $20

    I just picked up my first 6.5 Creedmoor a couple weeks ago for the same price! $20 raffle ticket at a Ducks Unlimited banquet. :). Mine is a Ruger American Predator.
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    Replacement stock

    I upgraded my Sav 12FV .308 with a Boyds stock last summer and am happy with it thus far. I did not do any bedding or anything, just a pretty simple swap out. Great accuracy (for a mostly factory gun), reduced recoil thanks to the weight and a more comfortable grip. I also opted for the...
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    Who hunts with a 12+lb rifle?

    My deer hunting rifle is right around 12#, but I'm far from a mountain hunter. My longest walk from the truck is about a half mile and then I can sit in my treestand and hang the gun from a hook or lean it against a rail.
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    Berger bullet question

    We are in the process of changing/redesigning the box/label setups at the moment. The eventual plan that we've been told here on the Tech side is that the boxes will all be yellow but the labels will have a new look and that where the color differentiation will be. We've seen some samples and if...
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    Berger Bullets??

    Top selling bullets combined with lower production right with the move is the reason. Just got the move to Mesa completed within the last week or two. We've been producing bullets and jackets during the move, but obviously at a lower rate since some of the machines were torn down. Everything is...
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    Virgin brass vs fired brass

    If your loading process is solid, you should see similar accuracy results when you get to subsequent firings. I don't put a lot of weight on stuff with new brass since its only new once and then its fired/resized from there on out for its life. Do a little testing for yourself. Take your load...
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    Stop neck sizing your brass!!!

    I full length size everything I do. Just makes sense to me from a consistency's sake to do the same thing every time. No issues on my end yet.
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    Newbie question on powder measurement

    Both and pros and cons. Beams are very dependable, nothing to short out or go bad internally, can be taken anywhere with you (like the range). But, in my opinion they are slower to use and wait for it to balance out to make sure the charge is correct, etc. I like the speed and ease of use of a...
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    They finally did it!! 6.5 cal 155 grain Berger Elite Hunter!!!

    No BC information available just yet on the new bullets. That's what part of the testing process is doing, BC verification, twist rate tests, etc. No firm ETAs yet either, but I'd imagine they will be out with plenty of time to test before hunting season comes around this coming fall.