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    243 ammo

    I assume you meant USA made ammo, and no. Hornady web site only shows the international superformance in 80gr gmx and it says not available in USA. my question is some stores show a superformance 80gr gmx that doesn't say international, do they really make it? Because their web site doesn't show...
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    243 ammo

    Anyone know if Hornaday makes the superproformance in 80gr gmx for here in USA? All I see on web site says international not available in US. I do see a few stores that show it w/o international but web site doesn't say anything about it, of course everyone is out of it. @ 3425 should be a...
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    Just got back from South Africa

    Congrats Sir!
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    What caliber for a suppresed short barrel lightweight build

    7mm-08 sounds perfect for the job.
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    ELDX Performance on elk

    Up close I haven't had good luck with the ELDX holding together up close in 143gr 6.5. 1st 6.5 cm @ 2850 fps shot Pronghorn at 65yds bullet basically blew up, found only very small piece of jacket in offside hide, the rest had to be in stomach I guess he was quartering to me. He dropped in...
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    See how grass affects your bullet

    You should shoot paper and see if bullet is distorted or impacting off round. shooter should still at 55% be able to center target, not buying that's the reason for the off groups. And quite frankly shooter was not taking much time to squeeze trigger. From time he loaded and settled in scope was...
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    Alliant powder

    Wonder why some dealers get multiple deliveries and MY LGS hasn't had one for alliant in almost year?
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    Alliant powder

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    Alliant powder

    Every place you can put in for email notification I have, months ago and haven't gotten one email saying in stock.
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    Alliant powder

    I have two local sources for gun powder. Both are telling me they haven't received a new shipment of alliant powder in right at one year. Anyone got any within that time?
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    MRAD or MOA

    MOA all day.
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    6.5 PRC Discussion

    I have browning MAX long range. RE 26, Hornady brass, cci250, @ 2.950" 3030fps using the 143 ELDX
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    Powder for 300 wsm

    H4831SC is what I'm using for 200gr eldx.