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    WTB 8MM remington mag brass

    I bought my remington 7STW brass at Grafs, but I just checked and they are out of stock.
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    WTB 8MM remington mag brass

    I know you have Brass by now, but for those interested, I bought Remington 7STW brass, prepped the pockets and flashholes and necked it up to 8 with one pass in an 8RM die(tapered expander ball) and had great brass. Every bit as good as anything I've found, and more accurate in my rifle than...
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    8mm Remington Magnum with IMR 8133

    I'm getting 3000 fps with 83 gr 7977 in a 27" barrel and 220 Sierra. I worked up from 77 gr, and went to 84 gr. but this is my accuracy load. I have several groups that cut 1/4 MOA at 200yds and always stays in the 1/2 MOA range. This rifle has a bull barrel, and a double shoulder sling for...
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    In between 7mm-08 & .308

    300 savage
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    ramshot hunter in 22-6mm with varmint bullets?

    Has anyone tried ramshot Hunter in the 22-6mm with 50-60 gr bullets? I have been loading IMR 4451 at 3950 fps with a 52 Gr Speer, but I have almost no 4451 left, and I have a jug of Hunter I would like to try in this rifle
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    N565 & The 300 PRC

    Belding and Mull measure will throw H50BMG quite accurately. MVA makes the new version if you can;t find an oldie
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    264 and lrt

    This is an unfired 140 gold dot, and one recovered in the offside shoulder of a Mulie at 263 yards. Speer lists the BC at .571
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    45-70 Bullet for Bison Hunt

    Paper patched pure lead will handle velocity up to at least 2000 fps in a strong action (I shoot a custom 420 gr 40 caliber at 2065 with this combo in a 405 bolt action), and will expand to double caliber down to below 1000 fps. pure lead doesn't fragment. I've seen .54 caliber round balls...
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    264 and lrt

    The following is shamelessly stolen from Lane Pearce, in a Shooting Times article: "...I quickly discovered that handling Gold Dot rifle bullets requires a bit more focus and dexterity because they’re coated with a slick, powdery residue. When I asked Speer’s Product Development Engineer Jeff...
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    Now living in Havre, Mt

    Now living in Havre, Mt
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    264 and lrt

    I have a super load with 80 gr. of LRT and the Speer 140 Gold dot. My Rifle is throated to seat the base of the bullet at the neck/shoulder junction and COAL is 3.460" This combo gets a little over 3200FPS in my 26" barrel. Remington factory loads chrono 3145 in my set up. I would start a...
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    What is the best hunting bullet 140 grain or heavier you used in your 6.5 caliber rifle

    1 in 8 twist. 26" barrel chambered for 3.460" COAL 3200 FPS with a LOT of Ramshot LRT. Huge expansion .643" and 124 grains retained weight through shoulder @ 263 yards. All the rest have exited.
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    What is the best hunting bullet 140 grain or heavier you used in your 6.5 caliber rifle

    I use the 140 grain Speer Gold Dot. Terminal performance is exemplary
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    What is the best hunting bullet 140 grain or heavier you used in your 6.5 caliber rifle

    140 grain Speer Gold Dot. It doesn't have the highest BC, but terminal performance is exemplary
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    What'll you be carrying for spring bear?

    411-284 WIN. 350 gr Hawk bullet at 2235 fps on a 1910 MEX mauser with a 22" bbl and a B&C stock (modified small ring). 4x weaver el paso post & crosshair