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    Berger Bullet Failure at Short Range

    Haha nice. I mentioned it’s a decade old thread so if the original posters he is quoting doesn’t respond, it would more than likely be because it’s a necrothread. The very reason I said anything to ingwe is because every Berger thread he tries to provoke people who use Berger bullets and the...
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    Berger Bullet Failure at Short Range

    Thin skin, You bet chief. I don’t want to make anymore “attacks” on you. Have a good one.
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    Berger Bullet Failure at Short Range

    Who is “you guys”? I haven’t blamed anyone for anything. But I do like reading productive material from guys that are out there documenting what works and what doesn’t. Antagonizing guys that are doing this seems to be counter productive to me. if you don’t like bergers then don’t shoot them.
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    Berger Bullet Failure at Short Range

    I could care less either way what bullet anybody uses but guys spend their time documenting what works for them and pictures and all you continually do is talk trash and try to get people red faced and add your little smileys to the end. Gets old. If you consider that a personal attack then I...
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    Berger Bullet Failure at Short Range

    You are obnoxious.
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    Berger Bullet Failure at Short Range

    Almost a decade old thread...
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    Good Rebarrel Candidate?

    I’m always looking for a reason to buy another barrel
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    Good Rebarrel Candidate?

    Do you want a new barrel? That’s the real question.
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    Case Trimming

    I’m saving pennies for Henderson case trimmer!
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    Talk to me about rings...

    You should order a set of Hawkin’s, ARC’s, and seekins as well.
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    SELLER: Elk Hunter 338

    Great dude!
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    To Thread or Not to Thread? (existing rifles)

    Better order one now if you want to worry about having one in 2020
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    Minimum Barrel Length for 6.5 Creed

    What would a Grendel do better with a shorter barrel than a creedmoor?

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