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    Between a Savage and a Bergara....

    My last outing with my HMR put 4 rounds of Hornady 143 ELDs into .44" at 200 yards. I had one additional round that opened the group up to .75". Not sure if it was me pulling the shot or a gremlin that snuck in there! That being said I had Savage rifles that shot very well out of the box. I...
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    Seating Depth Informative Thread

    Not really. You have a load that shoots well? Just tinker with the OAL. Move .005" and .010"in and/or out from there and see if there is any improvement.
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    What is everyone favorite caliber for deer?

    Over my 55 years of deer hunting I've harvested deer with a .243, .270 win and 7-08 and a couple other cartridges. My favorite rifle for this purpose was my Rem 700 BDL in .270 Win. I would have to sit down and count all the critters I shot with that rifle. It was a lot to be sure. I've since...
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    My wife picked up her first rifle !

    I have the .243, 7-08 and 6.5CM and I believe your wife made the better choice in the 6.5. Really though both the 6.5 and the 7-08 are a step up from the .243. All 3 are perfectly fine for deer. Congratulations on having a family hunting unit. Now the next purchase should be a big freezer...
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    You Did WHAT????

    Well that' sweet of you Dear. Now give me the checkbook I need to go spend about $1000 on all new powder!
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    Bergara Premier HMR Pro 300 Win Mag

    I have the HMR in 6.5 and I'm extremely happy with it. I'm thinking now of getting another in 300WM. I really don't see the need for the Pro. My trigger is very nice and the rifle shoots 1/4 to 1/2 MOA and it is still basically new with less than 150 rounds through it.
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    .260 vs 6.5 Creedmore

    If I could have purchased a 260 in LH I would have gotten it over my 6.5CM. All though the edge is slightly in favor of the 260 I don't think any critter would know the difference.
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    300 WM, Tikka T3X Lite: Accuracy, Experiences, Recommendations?

    I love my 06 in my T3 lite. I think your 300 will be more than capable for your inquiry. As for your last question you can always load it singly when shooting at extended ranges with your longer OAL.
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    What do you use to level the reticle?

    that is a really simple tool that would cut mounting time considerably. What I've been doing lately was to level my rifle by using my bipod and a level across the rail. I install the scope and adjust the verticle crosshair using a plumb bob out far enough where my scope can focus clearly on the...
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    Which model bipod for hunting?

    I have a Harris. But just today (have yet to install it) I got a Caldwell 9"-13" pivot model. I like the idea of the pivot for setting up on uneven ground. Leveling up with the Harris can be a real pain.
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    28 Nosler

    I definitely handload. I can't remember when I used factory ammo for hunting. The last time I even purchased factory ammo was for my 6.5 last year. I bought 5 boxes of Hornady ammo only because it was almost as cheap as just buying the brass. I used it to break in the barrel and get my scope...
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    28 Nosler

    As long as I can remember I was always a fan of sub 30 caliber rounds. It started with the .243 over 50 years ago, then the 270 win, followed by the 7mm-08 and lastly the 6.5CM. All have worked exceedingly well for me over all these years. Yes I did take some critters with the .308, 30-06...
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    142 ABLR vs 143 ELD-x vs 140 Elite Hunter

    I didn't catch what rifle you're shooting. But with the 143 gr ELD-x getting 2770 seems a bit off. I'm loading 42.6 gr of H4350 with that bullet and only getting 2640 fps out of my Bergara HMR in 6.5 CM. That was my most stable load after much load development. My best group with that load...
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    Your Longest Archery Big Game Kill

    When I shot a verticle bow I practiced regularly out to 70 yards. In the woods where I hunt I could never shoot that far but it made the 20-30 yard shots much easier. My longest shot was at a relaxed 8 point ranged at 43 yards. Even relaxed he reacted to the shot but I aimed low anticipating...
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    Nikon is getting out of rifle scope business

    Its a shame that they succumbed to the whims of the non-shooting public. Because they made both rifle scopes and cameras/lens there have been comments to "Shoot photos - not bullets"! There scopes, although not terrific, were better than most in their price range and good for the average hunter...

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