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    IOS8 shooter app?

    Yes, thank you. Saved my *** on a shoot today
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    6 Dasher jump or lands?

    Hi, This is on a 3 shot group in perfect weather, no wind at all and just after sunrise. So no mirrages. Total vertical is only half an inch
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    6 Dasher jump or lands?

    [Why did you choose 40thou off? Was that determined to be best? If not, what are the chances that is best? I say low, but you may be luckier than I Hi Mikecr, Due to magazine lenth limitations, I had to start at ,010 off the lands. I then worked away from the lands at ,004 incremints...
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    6 Dasher jump or lands?

    Hi, I shoot 95gr Bergers, I currently jump 0.040. This load shoots 1.5” at 600 yards. This is a no turn, very tight neck with .002 neck tension. What is best? The start of ignition is most important, but with all factors equal. Is it more desireable to load against the lands, giving...
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    Carbon ring management?

    Hi Mikecr. A loaded round measures .266, my reamer specs are .268 neck, 065 freebore and 1.5 deg lead angle. A fired neck measures .2765, I am not loading past the doughnut area. I full lenth resize with only 80% of the neck with whidden die set.
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    Carbon ring management?

    I run a very tight non turn neck on my Dasher. But when measuring the COAL on a clean barrel vs a 150 plus shots, it vary by about .015 in length. So when loading .01 from the lands wit my 70gr BT, after about 25 shots the bullet gets suck in the lands. I am not one to clean my barrel to...
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    Magnum primer on 243AI

    I have a 26" krieger, using Somchem S365. Winchester brass and Nosler 70gr BT. Neck tention is 0.003. S365 is an extruded stick powder as H4350 Quickload gave me a node on 3680fps, I could only get 3640fps. Upping the charge gave me a lower speed. This was on federal 210m primers. So...
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    243AI 70gr Nosler BT jam or jump?

    I have a 13.5 twist HV Krieger on a howa action. My reamer is a tight no turn 0 freebore reamer. I am still working up loads, it seems to like to be in the lands, but extracting a case leaves the bullet in the rifeling. I tried to jump it 0.020 but it was not grouping well, should I seat the...
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    .243AI Pac-nor vs Krieger

    I ordered the Krieger!
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    .243AI Pac-nor vs Krieger

    Hi, I shoot a .243AI with zero freebore reamer. It allows me to load 70gr Nosler Ballistic Tips in the lands. I mostly shoot jackal and critters to 500m I can get the following barrels. 1; Krieger 13.5 twist, #18 varminter contour 28" 2; Pac-nor 10 twist, heavy varmint 28" The...
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    95VLD'S in a 10 Twist .243AI

    Hi, I am shooting 70gr noslers BT from my 28" Pacnor 10 twist barrel on a .243AI. Will it be able to stabelize 95gr BERGER VLD's out to 600m? They should run at 3400fps minimum. I am 5000ft above sea level. Thanks for the assistance Chrisjan
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    Neck lenth vs Throat erotion

    Please help me understand why it is stated that longer necks make the throat last longer if all else is constant. Let’s use a .243 AI with 40degree shoulder. If you take that the shoulders is very steep and does not allow direct torching of the lands. The lands are far from the neck. The neck...
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    Hi from South Africa

    I am in the northwest of gauteng Anything west of johanesburg, but sometimes travel quite far for extender trips
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    Hi from South Africa

    Hi, I am a problem Animal control specialist from South Africa. I service farms who have problems with Jackal, warthog, bushpig, ground squirrel, baboon and porcupine. I use a 9.3 x 62 with 180gr impala bullets and a 243 Ackley that shoots 55gr Ballistic Tips over 4000fps. You have a...