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    Muzzle break for 375 rum

    I'm currently having a 375 rum built and I can already feel the flinch coming on without a muzzle break. I hate them but on this rifle I feel it's necessary. I would like the most recoil reduction and was looking at the 5 port muscle brake or the t4 terminator. I can only go up to 5/8 threading...
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    375 rum 350 smk

    Thanks. I might just have to fork the money up for the cutting edge bullets or try an accubond or similar type. This will be a long range target and elk rifle so reliable on game performance is worth the extra money
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    375 rum 350 smk

    I was looking at some of the cutting edge bullets but I can't see spending almost 2 dollars per projectile with the volume of shooting I'll be doing. Do you know of any high bc bullets in the 300-325 grain range for a little more manageable price?
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    375 rum 350 smk

    Thanks I'll try the h4831sc. Does anyone know what sort of velocity this cartridge is capable of with the 350? I was hoping for 2750 or so with a 28" benchmark barrel
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    375 rum 350 smk

    I'm building a 375 ultra with the intention on focusing on the 350 matchking. I was looking into h1000 for powder but read that it is too slow. I would like to stick with a hodgdon extreme but I'm not sure on which one to go with. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Question on 200 eldx for the 300 wsm

    I just picked up some 200 eld x for my 300 wsm. I also grabbed some rl22 but I can't find any load data for that combo. Anyone know a good starting point? Thanks