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    Which 30 cal?

    My canyon Rifle is a Rem M700 with a 30" bbl chambered in 300RUM. My go to load is a 208gr AMAX at 3243 FPS. Not an elk load by any means. On Mule deer it is devastating. I use sorted, turned necks and length trimmed Rem Brass, US869 powder, Fed 215 match. I am in the process of trying to...
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    Which 30 cal?

    If I could do it all over again, I would go with a 300 Ackley, it is a 300 H&H blown out to 40 deg shoulder. There are several versions of this now days, some are based upon the 8mm Rem Mag / 7mm STW case. When I did my m700 re-barrell in '84, I went with the 300 WBY with a 27.5" bbl. Have fun.
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    Biden $200 gun tax?

    1st, for the moderators, if this is an inappropriate subject, please delete it. I have been reading about Bidens proposed $200/gun or high cap magazine tax. Which firearms will affected? It appears semiautomatic assault rifles only. What about semiautomatic pistols? Will unbuilt stripped...
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    To continue or start from scratch

    I would take a very serious look into Defiance Arms. And Stiller too. There several other firms that make M700 foot print custom actions. I recently did a build in 260 Ackley Improved and it is working out great using a Defiance Arms short action. I do recommend buying a custom action vs...
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    Bought a .270 Today

    There is something almost majestic like about the 270 Win. I think Jack O'Connor has had a lot to do with it. Granted my Tikka T3 Lite SS Lefthand rifle is a far departure from what JOC carried to Alaska in pursuit of those Dall and Stone Sheep, and Caribou, or while in Arizona in pursuit of...
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    Bought a .270 Today

    My Tikka T3 Lite SS 270 Win has ALWAYS been my go-to rifle for Mule Deer Hunting. I shot the 130 gr Sierra SBT GK. To date my longest shot has been 390 yds. I would not hesitate to go to 500 yds. For Dark Timber Elk hunting were shots are limited to 10 to 150 yds, I load the Nosler 160gr...
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    Benchmark Barrels

    I live 5 minutes from Benchmark, I am also President of MRC the local rifle club. A lot the club members use their barrels. I have not heard of any complaints. I own a 300 RUM, 30" fluted bbl, Sendro taper. It is about 13 yrs old now, the throat is still in excellent condition. The barrel does...
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    Stainless 1" scope rings

    I do not see a number on them.
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    Stainless 1" scope rings

    I believe these are Ruger scope rings, they are 1". They were kicking around in my junk drawer. Not in mint condition, but worth more than what I am asking. $30 shipped. PM if you want them. 1st full price offer gets them. I will delete this listing when I have a buyer.
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    wanting 300 RUM brass REM brand

    I have a bag of new old stock - never fired REM brass. Not sure how much is there. Pm me.
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    Are the .338s becoming pointless?

    I tend to hunt elk in heavy timber, max range is 300 yds in the sub-alpine parks, most shots are taken within 50 to 75 yds. A 338 Win is fine.
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    Best 25-06 brass

    When you consider the cost and difficulty in finding the other components (bullets, primers, and powder) in these days, you may want to consider spending a little extra on brass. That said, the first manufacture I would look at is Hornady Brass, not sure if you will find it in 25-06 although. I...
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    Nosler 6.5mm 129 LRAB Problem

    I am using a non-bushing die.
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    Nosler 6.5mm 129 LRAB Problem

    Reading thru the conversation regarding neck tension, I think I have a couple issues contributing to the seating problem with the Nosler 129gr LRAB.. The rifle is chambered for 260 Ackley (40 deg). I am using fire formed Lapua 260 Rem brass with 48.5 - 49.1 grs of H4831SC. What I have not...
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    Nosler 6.5mm 129 LRAB Problem

    I am using Lapua 260 brass. Don