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    Kudos to Walt Berger

    Haven't had that much dealings with them, but I felt that since we are typically quick to sling some arrows when some business fails to meet our expectations, when they do then it warrants a tip of the hat. Often a business of their size lives and dies on the "word of mouth" advertising they...
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    Kudos to Walt Berger

    Am just getting into reloading and wanted to start with 168gr Berger VLD's in my 7mm Rem Mag. Seeing nothing in the Sierra or Nosler manual about those particular bullets, I followed the recommendation of some here and emailed Walt berger for their recommended loads for that caliber using that...
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    Thumbs Up for Ohaus

    In appreciation of that little bit of wisdom, I ordered some scale check weights today:D. It is simply great having those with vastly more reloading time under their belts being willing to share their thoughts and personal experiences with us newbys. Thanks.
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    Thumbs Up for Ohaus

    Thanks for the info Fitch. I just took reciept of my Redding Big Boss reloading kit that included their beam scale. I must say that on initial inspection I was somewhat disappointed in the overall quality of the Redding unit. The poise at the right side seems extremely flimsy and is nowhere as...
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    Hornady OAL gauge ????

    Uh, yeah. What he said.:D
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    Thumbs Up for Ohaus

    Sorry I can't answer your question. I got the Ohaus 10-10 because as I was trying to absorb all the experience I could from those already in the reloading game, the Ohaus beam scale was highly spoken of. When I saw one at a decent price, I grabbed it. I will have one of Redding's scales when I...
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    Thumbs Up for Ohaus

    Purchased an older, used Ohaus 10-10 beam scale but it didn't come with an instruction manual. Went to the Ohaus site and contacted their customer/tech support to see if I could obtain one on these discontinued scales. Got a reply back within 24 hours and two separate manuals attached to the...
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    Hornady new runout gauge??

    I am certainly no reloading guru, but from everything I have determined, the quality and accuracy of the final product is directly tied to the quality and accuracy of the equipment and reloader that builds it. I think one of the more critical parts is the bullet seating die. As newer designs in...
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    Hornady new runout gauge??

    I have acquired one while putting together my reloading setup. I've used it to determine runout on factory loaded ammo as a test and it seems to work as advertised. Correcting the excess runout takes some trial and error to get the feel, but you will notice the change on the dial indicator when...
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    reloading kit or peice by peice?

    Matt, I am just getting the pieces together to start into reloading myself. One article I felt helped in some of my selection process was by a guy called "Doc" at Snipers Hide. He has posted a piece called Reloading 101. Look it up and give it a read. he goes through the process plus explains...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB 7mm berger hunting 168

    Jim, How much for a hundred shipped?
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    Luepold custom shop or Kenton Industries for turrets?

    Myself and three friends all sent our Leupold scopes in and had the M1 BDC turrets put on them. So far each one has been pretty well on at all the yardages engraved on the custom M1 turret. I am putting together my LRH system (7mmRM semi-custom) with a Leupold scope on it. I have been looking...
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    6.5 smk recovered

    Not sure the purpose behind the initial post but it is always good to see actual results that one would expect from any given set of circumstances. As someone new to LRH, I tend to "go to school" on the experiences of many who have been at this game much longer than I. One thing I do appreciate...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm STW semi custom on Rem700 Action

    Going to make a SWAG here that it is a Right handed action, not Left. Bummer! Us lefties are treated like the rarities we are:D.
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    match primers

    What you see in the increased costs of "Match" primers is to cover the additional quality control steps they are submitted to in order to help insure dependability and consistency. Of course, as with "Premium" gasoline, your personal experience and milage may vary:rolleyes:.

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