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    26 nosler 156 Berger

    Thank you... you just saved me so much time and money ... and I really do wish quick load would come up with a version that runs on their iMacs
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    6.5 PRC 156 load development

    I appreciate your comment but quite frankly the 26 Nosler doesn't bridge this gap, it exceeds it by far and I have been shooting it for 3 years and if you can live with the above mentioned shortcomings it is an absolute hammer on deer at long range. (750 rounds down the barrel and still very...
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    New powder without load data.

    I live in western Canada and locally our Cabela's has N570 once or twice a year so I stock up when it comes in.
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    New powder without load data.

    I have been reloading for the 26 Nosler for three years and have tried just about every powder out there. I shoot a Browning Long Range Hunter 26" stainless with an 8 twist. My gun loves the Berger 140 grain Elite Hunters and the best powder I have found for my loads is the Vihtavuori N570. I...
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    If you are looking to shoot out to a mile eventually the Delta Stryker HD 4.5-30x56mm FFP gives you big bang for you buck. Comparable to the Nightforce 5-25x56mm F1 but $1250 less. LOW in Japan makes both scopes. Only draw back is the 10 year warranty is only honoured in Poland at present...
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    Hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    I'm a retired senior with a life long interest in hunting and shooting. I have started reloading in the last couple of years because shooting at the range with factory ammo was starting to get too expensive. I primarily use .308 Rifles (I have 2) and a 26 Nosler (Browning Western LRH SS 26")...

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