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    .220 Swift - Non Lead - 1:14 twist

    The Berger stability calculator derives driving a bullet faster increases stability while utilizing the same bullet and twist rate.
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    How much elevation travel for a mile

    ERA-TAC adjustable mount. 0-70 MOA, rock solid on a TAC50 using the same M4 scope.
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    135 A-Tip 6.5 creedmoor

    I did though it was in a 22 inch bbl which was slow compared to 4350.
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    What’s your five? 5 Calibers to do it all...

    50BMG 300PRC 6.5 something (probably RPM) 223/5.56 22LR Pistol is 9MM while shotgun is 12GA the 6.5 would go away for the 9MM not sure on the 12GA trade
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    135 A-Tip 6.5 creedmoor

    Slow powder for the cartridge. You’ll be fine but it’s gonna be a dog even compressed. Get the Quick Load info and you’ll see what I’m saying. H4350 has been quite spectacular for myself with BR-2 and 450 primers depending on brass primer size. Slight favorable lean toward the 450 loads.
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    For Sale Western Washington WTS/WTT

    I am interested in the BMG items. Which press is it?
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    For Sale Western Washington WTS/WTT

    can you re-thread a 1/2x28 muzzle brake into 5/8x24? It’s an aac 51 tooth suppressor adapter with lots of metal to work with. got a bunch of Cci 250 and Fed 155 primers to trade. Also looking for H1000 and rl26 I’m in Oly off exit 111
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    300 PRC load development

    H1000 is gold these days, I’d use it if any was available. My PRC load is 77.0 gr Retumbo, 215M, Hornady brass, topped with 230 A-Tips. 3.7 coal gets 2890 with single digit sd. 28” 1:8 Bartlien. Shoots great at 1800yds and claims supersonic past 2k. You should do well with your combo.
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    Gunbroker has a bunch for a bunch of $$$$$$. I’m down to the last pound. Good luck.
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    6.5 RPM load data
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    6.5 RPM load data

    Brownells has them. A buddy bought some a few hrs ago.
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    6.5 RPM load data

    Been working on a load for the new rifle. Factory ammo left a lot to be desired in the 127 LRX loads (2980-3040's with three different lot numbers vs factory 3225 spec). Worked up a load for the 135 A-tip which worked well on a couple of coyotes and a wolf last month. Finally acquired some...
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    H-870 in 300 weatherby or 7828

    3140 is normal for a 30-378 load, it’s warm to hot in a 300WBY. How long is the bbl? I’d lean toward Re 26, 25, then 7828.
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    Dye brass to keep lots separated

    Engrave the head, rim or primer (if not decapping prior to cleaning) Been doing it for decades With zero issues.
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    Jewel vs Triggertech

    Been running 7 Jewels since the late 80‘s. Bought a TT straight trigger last year for the wife’s varmint rig. It is a great trigger. It is not as great as the Jewel in overall adjustability, materials, or feel. One is made of aluminum the other of very hard stainless steel. She really...