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    6.5-06 barrel life?

    Anyone know what the barrel life on a 6.5-06 is? Any better than a 6.5-284?
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    260 Rem Vs. 6.5-06

    Just a side note to you all who say the 6.5 isn't enough to kill anything larger than a deer... don't tell the Swede's that. They've been killing moose up there w/the 6.5X55 which is virtually identical to the .260 for about 100 years or so now! I'd go w/the .260... also Savage will be...
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    Got my "Bling" back.

    How's Kevin's lift kit working out for you? Is there a big difference?
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    First Long Range Kill

    Classic! That's the stuff that Life and America is really all about!!! God Bless you guys!
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    Need help buying 300 wsm for under $1200

    OR... you could buy a Savage 11-Long Range Hunter in 300WSM for about 750'ish... barrel is a magnum contour w/break to take the sting out! They have the accutigger and accustock w/karsten cheekpiece. All you'll need to do is add scope and bases and there you go! IF you reload, there should...
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    6.5X55 Swede & Reloader 17???

    I know Reloader 17 has done alot of wonderful things for quite a few different cartridges. I'm wondering IF Reloader 17 will work wonders w/6.5X55 Swede if built on something like a new Savage or Remmy 700 action. Looking to get more velocity than a standard .260???
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    Greybull Precision Hunting Stock Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In Greybull Precision Hunting Stock Contest"
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    Long or short action for .284 build?

    Anyone have any input on which one to use for a .284 build?
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    Why 25-06 for Long Range?

    Since this is a long range hunting forum, I'd just like know if there are some inherent qualities about the 25-06 that make it better for long range kills versus the .270 and 30-06 which are probably the most prolific "big game" calibers in North America? I personally have a .270 in a sporter...
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    Why 25-06 for Long Range?

    Why 25-06 for long range hunting and not .270 or 30-06? Savage's new Long Range hunter is offered in 25-06 but not .270 0r 30-06. Guys like Best of the West and Graybull use to offer setups in 25-06...??? Why is it "better" than .270 or 30-06??? -thanks!
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    .260 concept rifle???

    I want to end up with a good .260 remington setup and hopefully have narrowed it down to two different "platforms." Any and all input for those who are "in the know" as far as performance and accuracy would be greatly appreciated. 1. Remington VSF (26-inch heavy fluted barrel on tan w/black...
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    .260 question...

    Thanks for the input guys... really appreciate it! I'm thinking something along the lines of a .260 "sendero" or "greybull precision" type configuration. I know greybulls stocks aren't offered in short actions just yet. I'm leaning towards 24 or 26 inch barrel.
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    .260 question...

    I'm considering a semi-custom build in .260 remington. I want to use it as a replacement for my .270. I don't like the recoil from my .270 and was wondering if the .260 shooting something like a 130 gr. Berger VLD would be a viable alternative for big game (mule deer, antelope & elk out to 500...
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    Bedding a Hogue Stock question?

    Hello all, my first post here... I love this site! Anways, I've got a Howa/Hogue rifle and I'd like to know what is the best bedding compound to use on a synthetic stock like that? Need something that will actually stick! -Thanks! Oh, and it's the standard non-aluminum bedding block model!