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    7mm Rem mag, 168gr vld & retumbo load data?

    A bit late but here is my load This was the result of 2 ladder tests at 400 yards 1 OCW test at 100 yards 2 OCW test at 200 yards 1 COAL test at 200 yards 1 COAL test at 395 yards FINAL RESULT Fire form brass nosler, S&B primer, 2.750" CBTO(.040" jump), 168 SMK .284 395 yards, 3 shots...
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    Sierra TMK?

    THANKS.... I am single loading I have heard that varget likes compression, NO pressure signs.....Im going to go up just a little bit a few more increments, and look at any early pressure signs THANKS again.....I will post is perty wet here in houston area, hopefully we can get...
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    Sierra TMK?

    Hello...I am new to this forum I was looking also info online on the .308 win 175 TMK I got a box at my local shop RIFLE DPMS LR308 24" BARREL I loaded them with my 175 SMK load:(lapua 2.005, Varget 43.6, 175 SMK, 2.230 CBTO or 2.815 COAL) on the TMK I use 2.800" coal and pour...
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    Sierra TMK?

    deleted post because it was duplicated