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    Why the 7mm Rem Mag?

    I totally agree, I could probably do most of my hunting with an 06 with the variety of 30 cal bullets available. However I enjoy trying different calibers.
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    Favorite deer rifle

    I keep thinking about the one gun concept. I have so many now and not nearly enough time to shoot them all. Certainly not enough time to work up loads and give them the time they desperverse. I remember my younger days when my one center fire rifle was a rem 700 LH BDL 3006 I used it for...
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    My Boys Want a Lever Action

    My first deer and elk were taken with a Marlin 35 Rem when I was 12 that my uncle gave me for changing sprinklers and helping with the haying in the early 70 s.
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    Thoughts on caliber choice

    6.5 x 284 Norma and 300 WinMag. these are 2 of my favorite calibers.
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    Does bullet size and velocity matter?

    My Dad gave me a single shot Remington 22 when I was 11 and that’s how I learned to hunt
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    Drop camp

    That elevation is truly a game changer. Try and give yourself time to climate to it if at all possible.
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    DIY Bolt Action Rifle Opinions

    James was very helpful on my build as well.
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    Loading for a possible early morning 4th of July range visit. Anyone else!?!?!

    I’m in LaGrande our range only goes to 300, think I will join Bakers club for their 1000 yd range.
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    This reminds me of my 1st Bull I was 13 and using a Marlin lever action chambered in 35 Remington loaded with Remington corelockets. 6 on 1 side 7 on the other in a lodge pole pine thicket up Marble creek out of Baker, Oregon. Those were the best days.
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    300 Weatherby vs 30 Nosler. Factory velocities measure up?

    I have always loved the beautiful wood stocks on the classic weatherbe rifles. I shoot lefty and I want a 257 wby as my next rifle.
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    I haven’t seen even a 1 lb. can on any local store shelves in a long time. I would definitely buy it if you’re lucky enough that it’s still there.
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    What’s you pack load out?

    Unfortunately the western side is closing in on us more and more
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    What’s you pack load out?

    As a long time Oregonian I see our state getting worse every year. Sadden’s me to the point that I’m actually considering moving.
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    Exposed windage turrets for hunting.

    Sweet rifle, I shoot lefty to
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    What age were your kids when they shot there first big game animal.

    I killed my 1st mule deer when I was 11 the same year I got my hunter safety card, my first bull elk at 12. My Dad wanted to make sure we knew our way in the woods and we’re safe on our own. My own sons just never had the desire to hunt guess I did something wrong.