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    Which pack?

    I have a kifaru and I love it. Since you are wanting to look at something lighter in weight, I think Stone Glacier would be one to look at. If I wasn't happy with my Kifaru, I would look at Stone Glacier next.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Like New Cabelas MT050 Gore Tex Parka w/ Trinity. XL-Tall

    SOLD I have a like new Cabelas gore tex parka. It is their MT050 line with the trinity scent control technology. I purchased this before Bass Pro bought Cabelas so it is the old (good) Cabelas quality. This jacket has been worn less than 10 times. It is just a little warm for down where I live...
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    H4350 Available

    Last night Brownells had some in stock. Haven't checked this morning though.
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    300 wsm powder issues

    For what it’s worth, my 300 wsm liked the 168 grain Berger classic hunters over IMR-4831.
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    BUYER: Joseph Singleton = One good guy to deal with!

    GTG. Easy to work with and provided quick payment. Helpful and friendly as well. Can't go wrong dealing with JS.
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    RCBS dies (300 wsm) and Hornady ELD-x bullets(200 gr. .308)

    .308 bullets have been sold.
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    RCBS dies (300 wsm) and Hornady ELD-x bullets(200 gr. .308)

    RCBS 2 die set for 300 wsm in like new condition. $30 Hornady 200 grain .308 ELD-X projectiles. 2 sealed 100 ct. boxes. Same lot number. - $80 $100 if all is bought together.
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    35 cal hornady bullets and 35 whelen brass/dies

    I'm trying to clean out my reloading bench. I have the following available: RCBS .35 Whelen dies, in like new condition - Sold Hornady .35 whelen brass. Never fired. 75 pieces - Sold Hornady .35 Whelen once fired brass. 72 pieces - $35 Twice fired .35 Whelen brass. Mixed lot. 26 Barnes, 2...
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    Stockys Long Range Composite Accublock stock?

    Good deal. That is a pretty area over there.
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    Stockys Long Range Composite Accublock stock?

    You're welcome. Either way it will be fun to put something new on your gun. I must add that my two guns serve different purposes so I wasn't worried about saving a little bit of weight on my second one. I hear ya on the shooting. Are you in Alabama or Georgia? I used to live about an hour away...

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