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    What are your uses for different brass?

    From what you said I assume you are talking about 223 brass. If you are using it for hunting I don`t bother sorting. I do keep different`t batches for the gun I use for serious bench shooting, but I also trim and turn the neck on this brass. Unless your wanting groups under 1/2 moa don`t worry...
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    Smokeless powder question

    What Brentc said.
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    Rangefinder help

    I have owned 7 or 8 rangefinders looking for what I want. As a rule of thumb they will not range a deer at more than 1/2 of their rated distance. For the small stick in your pocket range finders the Leica 1200 is the best I have ever owned, but falls far short for my needs. I now use a Bushnell...
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    First AR for coyote and target

    I like the RR`s. I bought my first one with a heavy target configuration and when I got done changing it it`s a the coyote special, could have saved some big bucks buying one to start with. I bought 2,000 bulk bullets for hunting and when I started to work up a load I shot a .690 group at 100...
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    I`ve never had much luck calling. I kill most of mine watching corn fields that are being shelled. I`ve never shot at a coyote that was standing still, so I pack an AR with a long ranger wildcat of some kind close at hand if I see one way out there. I have killed some just setting and watching...
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    Savage Stevens 200 .223

    I picked one up awhile back in 308. They are hard to beat for the price. It`s a Savage 110 action with a non adjustable trigger, but that you can fix. The trigger has a hole threaded in the trigger foe a set screw so all you have to do is put a screw in it and ether cut the spring of put in a...
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    Wandering if anyone here has any info. on the 6mm-300WSM

    Wich you were close. I have a very large pile of WC 869 and WC872, in fact they are the reason I bought the reamer. I thought they would be good in the 6-284, but they are way to slow for that round. What is your twist rate and barrel lenth? I`m going with an 8 twist and the longest barrel I can...
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    Wandering if anyone here has any info. on the 6mm-300WSM

    I just picked up a reamer for the 6mm-300WSM and Look for someone with experance with that round.
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    coyote calling in ohio

    I have yet to kill a coyote over a call in Ohio. We did call one in a nite, but he busted us before Gene could get off a shot. I`m thinking that we have been useing the call to loud. Gene`s call had weak batterys the last time we were out and I could not even hear it 40 yrds from him, but I...
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    best bang for the buck . night vision for coyotes

    If you can`t swing Gen 3 nite vision you might want to try one of the lazer deisignators. I like Gen 3 goggles and a lazer sight on the AR. If you go that way do not get a green lazer. With a low powered red lazer you will have no trouble seeing the lazer way past the range of your rifle, and...
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    Accuracy gone?

    Have you used a copper soulvent when cleaning the rifle? The other thing that comes to mind is your new load are eather to heavy or to lite for the twist of your rifle.
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    As said before, only fire lap as a last resort. The only barrel I seen increased accuracy in was one that was fouled with Molly. If your barrel is copper fouling try some JB bore past. It`s about as abrasive as tooth past so it does take some scrubing, but it won`t take out your throught like...
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    Chrono vs. Range Dope HELP

    If the center of the scope heitgh over the center of the bore has an effect on the drop chart, or a BC ratical. You should field check your drop chart befor you go to the field hunting.
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    what power scope?

    If one of your uses will be coyote killing I would sugest the 3.5 x 10 Leupold. My main carrey gun for coyotes is a RR AR with a 3 x 9 Leupold on it. I have killed several coyotes past 200 yrds. and a couple right at 300 with it and have yet to kill a coyote with the scope set on anything but...
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    Been yote hunting

    I hope your young and tough. It only took me 1 trip to the field to figure out that I didn`t want a heavy barrel upper for coyote hunting. A hint, I put electrical tape on my stainless barrel to hide the shine.

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