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    For Sale Powder Valley

    I thanked them as well. Great company.
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    For Sale Powder Valley

    I know many have ordered powder from them today. Myself among the many. Point of this is to thank Powder Valley in the way they handled the transaction. I placed 2lbs of HS-6 in my cart and immediately got my billfold and then read: "You have 20 minutes to complete the purchase" (or some...
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    7mm WSM and Magpro

    Isn't that made of unobtanium?
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    Random thought as I make some "bunny fart" loads for .300 blk

    No but they know 4 kernels of H4350 equals 1/10 GN.
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    New rifle...... Flinching

    Lose the rifle, lose the brake and start shooting a rimfire. It's the muzzle blast and the resulting concussion.
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    Hornady SST: Load to Cannelure?

    Sounds like my Dad. Lol.
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    Sig Romeo 1 with shroud kit

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    Cerakote or bead blast ID

    Looks like it was vapor blasted.
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    Sig Romeo 1 with shroud kit

    $300.00 shipped CONUS. As new. I have it mounted on a 1911. Works perfectly. Had it a couple of months. Includes the steel shroud kit which is about $60 shipped. Also have a 1791 OWB optic ready holster for $50.
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    25-06 vs 257 wby

    Psssst......little the lightweight Weatherby Vanguard in .257 Weatherby. Bed it, feed with RL25 or RL26 and a 100 TSX. I have said arrangement and it is a true <3/4" monster. Flattens most anything it hits (caveats apply). I've used it on a couple of giant hogs and some very...
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    .257 Weatherby Vanguard Accuguard

    Yes you do. I've been trying for over 40 years still not there yet.
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    .257 Weatherby Vanguard Accuguard

    Can't believe it is still listed. I have the same caliber in the Back Country version. It is ridiculously accurate with RL25 and a 100gr Barnes TSX @ 3500fps (bedded and free floated). It's one of my favorite rigs.