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    SOLD/EXPIRED Vortex viper 4-16

    I'm looking for a viper scope with some form of bdc reticle. Right now I have a viper 6.5-20 with a duplex, but I'd like something with a different reticle. I would be fine with anything in the viper range with a magnification around 4-16. Let me know what you have! Thanks, Carson
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT vortex viper hst mrad for moa

    New member here. I have a vortex viper hst 4-16 mrad that I want to trade for an MOA equivalent. I’m a pretty new shooter, and I’d like to have all of my scopes using the same measurement. I’d love to trade for a viper hslr or hst. I’d be open to anything you guys have though. I’m looking for a...
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    Must use 30 cal for moose

    +1 for the 30-30 haha cowboy style!
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    New Gun For Wife.

    Good choice! I’m thinking about getting the same for my wife
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    Elk/Deer Caliber

    +1 for 300 win mag. I don’t think you’ll be left wanting for power
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    Moose tag

    Great bull!! Just started buying points for moose. Cool to see your success!
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    New rifle...... Flinching

    Thanks for the good read. Long time lurker here, but I enjoyed reading everyone’s opinion. It’s still wild in my mind to have a rifle powerful enough for elk at 1000 yards
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    I miss the days of buying .30-06 at Walmart for less than $1 per round!
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    I’m new here

    Welcome from wyoming
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    Can 308 do everything you need a rifle to do under 600 yards?

    Awesome thread! I enjoyed the read. I’m looking into a hybrid hunting/intro to long range shooting gun and this was good information
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    New member

    Welcome from Wyoming! I’m working on my number of posts too!
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    Alaska big game guide outfitter open to trades Africa? Big elk? Fishing ? Other....

    Geez this makes me wish I was more connected! Haha
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    I’m interested in your Glock. Will you text me at (307) 887-4653

    I’m interested in your Glock. Will you text me at (307) 887-4653