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    What would you do?

    Of all the game you listed to 750 yds a fast twist 25/06 with the recent bullets being released would seem to be a good choice until Elk comes into the picture although it may still do the job.
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    What should I build in 270 cal ?

    270 Weatherby mag. Great round with lots of history.
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    Bullet Seating Depth

    Great info. TKS
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    Powder for 300RUM?

    In my 300 RUM with 180-200 gr Accubond bullets Retumbo has been the best in terms of velocity and accuracy. JME
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    Loads for Barnes 168 TTSX in Tikka 300 Win Mag

    Although a little temperature sensitive I would think IMR 4831 would be a good powder to start with. I used it in my 300 WM with 180 gr bullets and developed a good load, good velocity and accuracy. JME
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    Why is there not much talk about Weatherby Rifles?

    As for accuracy with my Weatherby rifles, ( 3 shot groups) my 257 Vanguard is slightly over 1/2 MOA, my 270 Weatherby is .75 MOA, my 7mm Weatherby is appx .75 MOA and my 30/378 is MOA. Not benchrest accuracy but none the less good hunting accuracy.
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    Why is there not much talk about Weatherby Rifles?

    @436 Great looking rifles. I mean really great.
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    308 win still worth having

    I believe we would have to define what we mean when we say long range and what we are hunting. Big difference between a 150 lb deer and a 1200 lb moose.
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    Good Ole Hoppes

    In the 70's and 80's I used Hoppes #9 for my barrel cleaning, as I did not know much about cleaning a barrel. Never had a carbon ring or any barrel fowling problem. My factory varmint rifles with handloads would average .4-.5 MOA. Now in the 2021's I'm much more educated when it comes to barrel...
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    Remington Model Seven Custom Build

    I have been always partial to the 7/08. Firmly believe that it is great little cartridge much more powerful than it's apperance. JMO
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    7mm Weatherby

    Never had the chance to try the Hammer ones, but used the 145 Barnes LRX with a max load of Norma MRP in a Weatherby case. I got 3327 ft/sec ( 26" barrel) with .75 MOA. Great load MRP has always worked great in my 7mm Weatherby
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    300 Win Mag and RL 26????

    One of the best ever loads in my 300 Win mag is a max load of RL-26 with a 175 Barnes LRX. Great accuracy and 3225 ft/sec. The only problem is finding more RL-26.
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    What led me to chrono the lots was an incident I had about 30 yrs ago with my 270 Weatherby mag and H-450. Going from one lot to another there was a full 4 gr difference along with a 200 ft/sec difference between the lots.
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    What I have done in the past when mixing lots is I chrono a couple of rounds from each lot with the same load. If the velocity is close then I mix if I feel there is to much of a difference then I don't . JWID
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    Neck Tension Test On a Hard Surface

    Just an opinion here, but I would think that the neck tension would be on the weak side. If it is magazine loaded then most likely the OAL would change under recoil.