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    Tikka 270 wsm

    I know how you feel right. Just enjoy every bit of the moment
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    180 bucks

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    A little packraft-curious

    First off, and with much enthusiasm, this is not an endorsement of packrafts over ****** old canoes in any way shape for form. All SOCs are clearly still better, and cooler, but... I might want to explore some areas that I can't readily pack any of my SOCs into. I may also be a little...
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    Antelope finished

    Nice lope. Thanks for sharing
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    DIY Az Antelope Unit 10 hunt success

    Great Buck. Congratulations!!
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    Wolf taken near Polebridge Montana.

    Enjoy your hunt buddy
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    it’s been a while but….

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    Best video on how to quarter elk?

    Thanks for sharing
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    Quite a Buck
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    190” New Mexico Buck

    Nice buck, congratulations
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    My sons latest Kansas bruiser

    Wow, congratulations to the young hunter
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    Co early rifle hunt

    Nice buck, thanks for sharing
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    New Guy

    Thank you all
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    New Guy

    Thanks buddy. Which part of Australia are you from?
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    Mouflon Sheep Down!

    Ram looks great