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  • I'm still waiting on my Krieger barrel and reamer from PTG so I can't recommend either way yet. McMillan just finished their mold for a Win M70 A-3 Sporter stock so I ordered one today in Edge Technology. I think they'll pump it out quickly for me, because I sort of placed my order verbally with the production manager months ago, before they had the mold made up.

    Sadly, I'll be moving my family from Portland to N. ID about the time everything arrives so I don't know when I'll be able to give you a thumbs up or down.

    The 300 RCM brass can be cheap, if you stumble upon some (I did). That's what motivated my choice (and I also have 300 RCM and 338 RCM Rugers already). You can make the brass from 375 cases, but it's obviously much more difficult. I think I can find a link somewhere. I've already necked some cases down from 300 to 7mm and it's easy and they look good. I find the 300 RCM to be easy to load for so I suspect this will be the same.
    I was reading your posts about the 7-300rcm. Imhave been looking to rechamber a Savage 111 7mag. I cant make it a Stw like i planned due to mag length issues. So i have been following up on the 7dakota, or an improved version of that. I am looking at long term availability and price of brass, and dakota may have availability issues, and it does have price issues.

    That led me to look at the 375 ruger case and eventually stumble upon your posts.

    Is the gun completed? What are the numbers? How well does it shoot? Is it a pain to load for?

    Most importantly, would you do it again or recommend it?
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