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  • Thank you very much!!! I will ship the first payment cashier check tomorrow. I appreciate your time and allowing me this opportunity to purchase the rifle. I have really want this rifle configuration for a long time....:)) Here is my cell information, if you have any question please don't hesitate to call (541) 207-7469.

    Send me the deposit and try to pay the balance in 90 days. Shipping will be around $30 with insurance. I will need to send to an FFL so send a copy of his address as well with the check. As soon as the balance is paid I will ship the gun.

    Send to:

    Neal Brooks
    PO Box 146
    Braceville, IL 60407

    my cell is 815-739-9822
    I am good with that if you are. Please let me know the payment schedule you are comfortable with and I will sent you 300.00 immediately to your address of choice. Thank you very much for the offer!!! I very much appreciate it....:))
    it is a like new 280 and yes they are very accurate. I sent you a PM on the other email that offers it for $900 + shipping of $25. We have a gun show coming up in about a month. I know it will sell there as the same guy has come by the last three shows asking if I had decided to sell it. It was not for sale but got to do some work on the house now. If it helps I will hold it for a couple months with $300 deposit.
    I am very interested. Is this an actual 280 ruger or a 7mm express gun? I need to gather the cash which will take a little time and think about which rifle to get rid of in my herd. I very much enjoy shooting the 280 and have this caliber in many different configuration, bolt, auto, etc... Have you shot both these 280 and how well does it perform. I will keep in touch and thank you for your time. Your right you do have a nice couple of rifle there...:))
    Both are really like new and low round count. Cheapest one i have is the one I purchased two years ago for $925. Let me know if you are still interested. These are very hard to find.
    Are you wanting to part with one and may I ask how much? I would prefer the the less fancy of the two. This one will become a hunter. Blacktail in Oregon.
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