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    Brass is hard to chamber after full-length resize

    If the day is as low as it goes and you’re still getting sticking try trimming the top of the shell holder a couple thousands see if that may be frees you up the other thing I would do would be paint the fire case with a magic with a magic marker run it in there and see if you can she visually...
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    Scope height?

    Almost all scopes are mounted at two inches over bore. The old scopes with small tubes could be at one inch. At an informal benchrest league I measured six to ten rifles and all were within a fraction of two inches.
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    New scope has me confused

    this should work 100 Speer hp B C 2.0 to 2.1 at 3100 fps. yards mil corr. inch drop 100 ZERO Zero 200 .9 mil 3.5 in 300 1.3 mil 14.1 in 400 2.5 mil 35 in 500 3.8 mil 71 in this is the second chart . the first one I forgot to correct for range...
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    What caliber

    280AI seems to be a favorite. Prey tell what is the matter with papa 30-06?
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    Stupid question?

    All I can think is depending the chamber enough to fit in a 280 case and turning the barrel into a cartoon banana.
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    New scale

    I have a 5-0-2 scale rarely used you can have for postage 15.00 for priority box. Phone 847 six three six 4095
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    Best caliber for shooting 500 to 2000 yds?

    One of the 338 magnums. See dartman and the neighbor on you tube and see way out shots in a variety of calabres including 338.
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    Imperial Sizing Wax

    I’ve been using a Quart of 90 weight gear oil since probably 1975.
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    Help with a REM 721 firing pin spring

    I use about a half inch piece of quarter inch copper tubing to do it.
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    Long Range Rifle Shooting on a budget ...

    Check out used benchrest rifles in the forums Accurate and shooters What a benchrest shooter considers shot out will be way more accurate than a beginning shooter, and some can be had at very reasonable prices.
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    Separate die to de prime and titanium bushings

    I've used a lee depriming die for all my rifle rounds so that I can clean te primer pockets. Another benefit is moving the expander ball up near the case neck where you have leverage and if you move it up high the brass stays straight on the ball because the neck guides it.
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    Tricjicon 5-20x50

    for some reason my phone is not connecting. please try calling me back. i tried three times and heard one or two rings and then silence.
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    Tricjicon 5-20x50

    how about 650 with the rings?