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    Recommended factory action

    I've used Model 70's both new and old, browning A-bolt and remington Model 7's and a remington 700 titanium. For the short action cartridges I prefer, the Model 7 . it is light, parts are available and with a 22" #2 contour barrel in 7-08 is handy and powerful enough for my needs on deer and pigs.
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    Nosler or Bergara problems

    Did you try to insert a new bullet inside the neck of one of the "tight" fired cases before you resize? It should slip in snug, but easily.
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    Hammer bullet question for Elk

    Either go to a heavier bullet or a little faster powder. A heavier bullet will help burn more of the powder before the bullet leaves the barrel. You probably won't gain any velocity, but the energy of the heavier bullet will carry downrange further. The pressure build curve on the powder you are...
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    Nosler or Bergara problems

    Once I started reloading, I have not used a factory round on big game. And I only buy factory loaded stuff to obtain the brass. I once found a 7MM bullet loaded in a 300 win mag case - Remington factory box. Although I know there are factory rounds that probably rival my best handloads, I trust...
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    Cost of Reloading - Pre-Covid Vs Post Covid

    I'm gonna have to buy some more to keep up with ya all. I've only got 10,000 primers, 25 lbs of powder and 5 or 6,000 bullets on hand!!!
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    Caliber Help

    I have shot the 284 in 22 and 23 and 24" barrel lengths and have settled on 23" as being the optimum for this caliber. With the 22" i lost between 40 and 60 FPS depending on bullet wt and the 24" only gained 20 to 40 FPS with the extra inch. My max velocity with with TSX bullets was 200 FPS than...
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    In between 7mm-08 & .308

    the 7-08 and 308 win are both excellent rounds for hunting big game and perform well out to what most hunters call their max range. Now most of the folks here on this forum probably double that range and probably use cartridges that hold double the powder capacity of the 7-08 or 308 and carry...
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    Taking meat home….airplane

    I do the same. Those insulated meat boxes hold just under the 50# weight limit and weigh next to nothing. Most of the hardware stores in AK carry these insulated boxes and if you save the styrofoam insert and the box, they will last for many trips. Just bring some tape, a marker, and some twine...
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    Flattened primers acceptable pressure sign?

    after 4 or 5 loadings, are the primer pockets enlarged or do they seat just as tight?
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    Best hygiene wipes for backpack hunt

    I used germ-x for years. they are large and tough. I have a couple of dozen left, but can't find a new supply. I will look for the dude wipes now
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    "there is nothin new under the sun." New chamberings

    About 40 years ago the first rifle I purchased for myself was a 270. It was a nothing fancy model 70 XTR push feed. After a year of trying to develop loads for it I discovered that it preferred light loads or anything under 2750 FPS with 130 grain bullets. I also discovered that the chamber was...
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    Help With Bullet choice ...

    I've taken 6 elk with 168 TTSX bullets and all but one have been enter and exit holes. The only one not exiting was last year on a wounded bull going away shot that penetrated almost 30" before lodging in the offside shoulder bone. Typical wound channel with this bullet is 3 to 6 inch diameter...
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    ADG Dimpling at the shoulder after resizing 🤔

    A little cleaner sprayed up the sizing die every 25 pulls works great.
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    Real Hunters?

    About 15 years ago, I attended a public meeting with the Idaho wildlife commission on the status of game animals, license availability, and the future of big game animals in the state. The last 30 minutes of the gathering was opened up to questions and answers. A few of the locals spoke up at...
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    Fawn Killer Gets Lead Poisoning, Is that a good thing?

    I heard the original target was 30 to 50 breeding pairs of wolves to keep the balance between predators and prey. And now we have over 5 times what was designated and the number is growing. If the trend continues, tag quotas for sportsmen for big game will have to be reduced so herds will have a...