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    32 Winchester Special lever action?

    .32 Winchester Special has the power to knock down hogs. I harvested plenty of hogs and deer with my uncles 1894 trapper. Borrowed it for so long I felt bad and gave it back and got a 1894 trapper in .357 to take its place. Much more enjoyable to shoot but it doesn't anchor big hogs like the 32 did.
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    18" barrel, best 500 yard ballistics?

    25/6/6.5 SST/SS 3050 to 3100 with the 131 ACE or 2850-2900 with the 156 Berger and rl26/N570. The hammers work great to.
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    30-06 for Long Range

    Yes when you have an 06 set up for long range it can do very well running 215 bergers at 2800. Still has great ballistics to 1000 yards with plenty of energy. For plinking it would make a good cheaper ELR round. I take much lesser cartridges plinking past a 1000 yards often. You stated you will...
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    Want To Buy Tikka .223 Bolt

    Really just looking for the bolt but if you have a rifle in .223 or 204 let me know.
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    Absolute Hammer load data

    Generally no it’s not but Steve stated in Sept when they did initial testing that due to engraving pressure being reduced with their new design it takes more powder to reach pressure and that may cause you to run out of case capacity before you can pressure out. Therefore with this new design it...
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    Absolute Hammer load data

    Thanks for sharing cohunt. Got any varget? I would think it would perform well with the 06 and 178AH.
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    30-06 and 210 ABLR loads

    I run 215s at 2500 in a 16” with rl26& H4350, COAL 3.6”
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    30-06 and 210 ABLR loads

    H4350 & RL26 will give the best velocities with that bullet weight. N560 should be good as well but I haven’t tried it.
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    25 Grendel

    A friend and myself have been shooting the Grendel a while now in AR’s and a bolt gun. Pretty impressive round as is, but the 131 ACE and potentially the new Berger .25cal would really max out this cases potential for mid range hunting in a very short light setup.
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    25 Grendel

    A Very Cool do it all rifle in a short package. I’m trying to get someone motivated as I already have another build that’s about to be finished up soon. If I was to build one I’d like to do it off a tikka .223 action.
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    25 Grendel

    Left to Right 6 Grendel 105 Berger 2.380 (basically 6 ARC) 25 Grendel 131 ACE 2.580 6.5 Grendel 123 SST 2.250 (factory) 6.5 creedmoor I’m thinking 12.5” bolt rifle suppressed! The 131 should get around 2450fps. At 600 yards it’s at 1800fps with 1000 lbs of energy. Wind drift is still pretty...
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    Rem 700 LA CIP BM

    Thanks for the help guys I didn’t realize the hunter version wasn’t out yet. Talked to my smith and he’s just going to mill a Hawkins CIP m5 to replicate the hunter version.
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    Absolute Hammer load data

    If I can find N555 Il try it out. I did a little more testing today and ended up with 59gr of H4350 -.001” 3780 fps This load averaged in the .3s with high winds so it should work well on game this year.
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    The 25 sst...up and running

    You’re correct Doc my mistake, H4350 is a single base powder.