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    Thank you
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    PA Gunsmith

    Tim Smith 814-723-7583
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    500 yard load for 223 rem 1 in 9 twist

    70RDF with 24.5 Varget = 2910 FPS @ .010 off lands. 9.4 moa drop @ 500 no pressure even in 100 degree Az heat
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    Error message at top of screen

    Same here
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    Lapua brass inconsistency

    I had the same case neck problem with some 6br brass from the. The first few bullets I seated had a die ring around them. Had to lube & neck size with mandrel.
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    Thread Hi-Jacking: Personal Assaults Becoming Norm?

    Agreed but................the internet does not have voice inflection or a sarcastic smile or other tells that we can see face to face. Yes there is some over the top crap that needs to be addressed. Me? I just keep on scrolling!
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    Preferred bullet weight for 6.5 CM

    Same as madman! Right around 40.0 of H4350.
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    Savage 110 7 mm rem mag barrel

    24" small varmint profile small shank with nut . Round count unknown. Twist unknown. It is a blued factory barrel. $115 shipped. Can't find any twist rate on the stamping. Bought it used but changed the barrel without firing it.
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    Savage 110 7 mm rem mag barrel

    I also have a take off but I'd have to check specs if interested.
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    Savage 110 7 mm rem mag barrel SS 7 REM MAG Savage Varmint profile small shank 1.058- .810 w/ pepperpot brake. 26" plus brake. 1:8 twist 5R groove plus barrel nut. 150 rounds fired. Best group .5 @ 100 with 175 ELDX & 7828 SSC 2910 FPS. $225...
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    Pleaseee No!!!

    Well right now I'm in Az. Left the Valley in 65 for NJ. Spent 35 years there working construction. got divorced. met a sweetheart country dancing & we moved to Henderson. Nevada. 18 years there & here we are now. I love it. This place is like a resort. LOL Yeah we need to talk. I may need some...
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    Pleaseee No!!!

    Yes sir. My first job was with the mob driving a truck. Grew up with the Medicos, Buteras, Brunos. We used to hunt near Bear Creek. Used to go to the Carrousel (I think)on the square in WB. Summers we spent at Harveys Lake. Good times there! Murder in WB was the norm. LOL Lots of bodies in the...
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    Savage 12FV actions for sale

    That's better. Thank you.
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    Pleaseee No!!!

    GIBBONS?????? EW!!! Headache beer!! LOL I remember 18 cents gas. We used to cruise the avenue then get 50cents worth of gas back in Dad's car. LOL Lived in West Pittston until 1965 then moved to NJ. !! Had relatives in WB named Eike. Grandma had a little mom & pop store in Kingston!