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    .260 vs 6.5 Creedmore

    the .260 is also 8 twist they shoot the same bullets.
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    Borescope of my 338 Edge crown after 500+ rounds

    definitely barrel needs a really good scrubbing with Hopps and good nylon brush back and forth 25 times it slicks the barrel up the more you use it the slicker will become good luck.
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    What is everyone favorite caliber for deer?

    .243 .25-06 .260 .308
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    Handloading: How Many ?

    nice collection you have there is the 6mmBR in that.
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    Handloading: How Many ?

    5 rifles 3 pistols.
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    MOA at 400 but can't get on target at 650?

    while at the range use cleaning rod nylon brush hopps scrubb the hell out of barrel 25 times back and forth and then follow with snake with only few drops of oil of your choice on tail retry and see what happens after 10 shots repeat see if there is any improvement at all happy shooting.
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    Scope Not Level With My Action

    wheeler scope rings alignment tool with lapping compound lets scope fit into rings perfect so that your not forcing it down while tightening.

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