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    Why factory ammo for barrel break in?

    I shoot a Mod 70 .300WSM. l use RL-16 powder and always with Magnum primers. The load data I use recommends Mag primers, and all of my loads are less than 65 gr.
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    .260 Rem. & Superformance Powder

    I load for a .300 WSM, which is on their list of recommended cartridges. My rifle is a controlled feed Model 70. I have been using RL-16 for bullets from 175 to 200 grain with good results. I'm about out of the RL-16 and found some Superformance available at Midway. I have been wanting to try...
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    Hammer Hunters & seating stems

    I use the standard .300 WSM, RCBS seating die for the 181 gr HH with no problem. Here's a picture of some I loaded yesterday.
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    Rest options for shooting off a bench?

    The Caldwell Rock BR front rest is a good choice for a rest that is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. Particularly if you are shooting a target with multiple bullseyes. It is the least expensive of this type of rest. I compete in precision airgun benchrest and recently purchased a...
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    Wyoming/Montana Custom Rifle Builder

    You might try Ricochet Custom Firearms - 406-690-4985, or Montana Accuracy Firearms - 406-671-2376, both located in Billings. I have no experience with either, just know of them.
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    Free Recoil on Light Rifle Affecting Accuracy?

    I shoot a Model 70 .300 WSM that I was lucky to get 1.5 MOA groups. I finally got a Gentry break installed and the barrel and action bedded. This got my groups down to 1 MOA, but I was still getting a sore shoulder after a morning of shooting. I read about the Limbsaver Pad on LRH and...
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    Tapered Brake for .650 muzzle 300 WSM

    I've used Gentry Brakes on 4 rifles and have had excellent luck with them. They smoothly blend with your rifle barrel and do reduce the recoil substantially. Loud like all brakes are. I carry my rifles in a scabbard on horseback. Nothing to hang up when putting in or taking out of the scabbard..
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    Quickload ballistics input/output

    Check out the Strelok App for your smartphone. There is a free version that will do what want. Strelok Pro for about $12 has more features. I use it for an airgun shooting 16 gr pellets at 970 fps, and a .300 WSM shooting a 180 gr bullet at 3050. With the correct data both are spot on.
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    Federal Premium Edge TLR and Terminal Ascent, .308 200gr.

    No, a .300 WSM, 62.8 gr RL-16, 2.950 OAL, 2830 FPS. Went higher with no pressure signs, but accuracy dropped. Was born and raised in the Cowboy State!
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    Federal Premium Edge TLR and Terminal Ascent, .308 200gr.

    I have 55 Edge TLR and 58 Terminal Ascent bullets I will part with. Edge TLR - $65, Terminal Ascent - $75. These are a rare item! I bought them B/B (Before Biden) and I had one heck of a time finding. Haven't seen any since. I have killed 3 elk, all over 500 yds, with these bullets and the...
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    Question on grouse

    I would recommend a Crosman 1322 Air Pistol with the rifle stock attachment. Add a UTG Bug Buster Compact Scope and you have a package that you can head shoot grouse or rabbits at 20 yds. I use a 15.9 gr JSB pellet to get this type of accuracy I would recommend a Crosman 1322 with the...
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    Wyoming guided elk hunt

    Josh has both outfits. One on the N. Fork, west of Cody, and one on the Greybull, west of Meeteetse. That's where the big bulls are taken.
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    Superformance Powder

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have been using RL-16 but ran out. I have had great success with RL-16 from 175 to 200 gr Fed Terminal Ascent and the HH 181. I'm going to order some 166 and 174 grain HH and try them with the Superformance.
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    Superformance Powder

    I just bought some Super I just found some Superformance powder that I will try in my .300 WSM behind 181 Gr Hammer Hunters. Would you share your load data?