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    Simulate long shots

    I am a member of the Quail Creek Airgun Club, near Green Valley AZ. We have a 20 lane air gun range and can shoot out to 100 yds. The air gun I shoot is a Rapid Air Weapon, .22 cal. I shoot a 15.9 gr pellet at 950 fps. My scope is a Sightron 10x50x56, It is one of the most accurate air guns...
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    Deer Stalking / Hunting in Scotland

    What an interesting post. I visited Scotland on a golfing trip in 2007. We stayed in St. Andrews and played the Old Course as well a 5 others. It is a beautiful country with delightful folks. It has been my dream to stalk Red Deer Stag. Unfortunately I am past the time, that I could...
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    What cartridge?

    My limit for elk is 1500 ft lbs. .300 WM or .300WSM with 200 gr bullets will surpass that at 800 yds. I shoot a .300 WSM, Gentry brake and Limb Saver recoil pad. Very pleasant to shoot, but LOUD. 7MM RM, 175 gr, 1500 fp, 750 yds. For elk, bigger is better.
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    Wsm rifle

    I have been using the Federal Edge .200 Gr bullet in my Mod 70 .300 WSM. It is producing 1500 ft lb at 800 yds. That's as far as I care to shoot.
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    New to long range and big game hunting

    I shoot a Mod 70 in .300 WSM. I put a Limbsaver recoil pad on it and it made a world of difference in felt recoil.
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    Member's Who Have Made A Difference.

    Being one of the newer members, I have primarily been a student. I will be 83 next month and just received my Montana, non resident Elk permit. As a long time resident of MT, I will be celebrating my 40th year of elk hunting with my best friend and hunting partner. I can no longer hunt the...
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    300WSM - RL16 - 190-200 grain

    I use RL-16 with Federal Edge TLR 200 Gr Bullets. Very accurate, with excellent terminal performance. 63.2 Gr, 2830 FPS.
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    Which adjustable front shooting rest for the bench?

    I've had a Bald Eagle rest for several years. I have the aluminum base and it is plenty heavy. You will need to buy a front bag for it. It doesn't come with one, and the cheaper Caldwell bag doesn't fit. Only the Bald Eagle $42 bag fits. For the price it is a very good rest.
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    Wyoming Outdoorsmen Need Your Help

    I was born and raised in Cody. Haven't lived in Wyo. for 55 years, but still call it Home. Will gladly support your cause.
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    7mm SAUM vs 300 WSM for Elk/western hunting?

    I shoot a .300 WSM. Over the years, I have used Barnes, Nosler and Hornady bullets. Mostly 180 Gr. When Federal introduced their Edge TLR .200 gr bullet, I wanted to try it, however it was over a year before I was able to obtain bullets. Fortunately I was able to purchase a couple of boxes of...
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    Favorite elk rifle

    Nothing fancy, but a real elk gitter!! Mod 70, .300 WSM, Laminate stock, standard 24" barrel with Gentry brake. Action and barrel bedded, 3# trigger. Sightron 3X18X44 Scope. 200 gr Federal Edge TLR, 2830 FPS.
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    300 WSM

    RL16, 63.2 Gr., Federal Edge 200 Gr. 2830 FPS, 2.860 OAL. 2 elk killed, 500 yd+, excellent terminal performance and accuracy.
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    STABAL 6.5 and 300WSM

    RL16 is temp stable. Excellent accuracy with Fed Edge TLR 200 Gr.
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    300WSM reloading bench for starters

    I shoot a Mod 70, .300 WSM. The load I have been using for the last two elk seasons in Montana is the Federal Edge TLR, 63.2 Gr RL16, CCI 250 Primers and Federal brass. 2830 FPS. I do sort bullets and cases by weight. I don't know if it makes that much difference, but I feel better doing it...

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