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    Hornady 225 ftx for 450 bushmaster

    Tagging in. My 450 BM dies just showed up. I plan to start testing as soon as I can find some primers, lol.
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    WOW- USPS priority mail is MESSED UP !!!!!!

    Same here. Waiting on a stock I had dipped. Was shipped back on the 22nd from only 2.5 hrs way. Meanwhile I received a new set of does from midway through FEDEX already they wasn’t supposed to get here until Tuesday. I know he shipped it insured but what a hassle.
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    For Sale Night force nxs 5-22x50

    How much? I did t see a price listed.
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    Side Arm for Grizzly Country

    I have always wondered about a FN57 for bear defense with solids. Seems like a 5.7x28 with a solid would be pretty good. I have no experience with one. (I would if there were cheaper). Anyone have feedback that round. I have a 10mm but the 5.7 has always intrigued me.
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    Oh Yes I Did

    I feel your pain. The worst for me is to get all settled in on my climber and realize I forgot my release. Dang it, back down ....
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    What can be done with poachers on game cams??

    I would see if I could find a local LEO and make him a deal on a lease to hunt the property. Make sure he pays something but give him a deal. He will do a good job of keeping the others out.
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    Home made bipod?

    I have not but you have me interested now. If you come up with something post a picture. It would be neat to see what you come up with.
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    Real Time This Morn

    Very nice. This warm up seems to have shut them down around me. Hopefully next weekend they are starting to chase does. It’s a good time of year to be in MI. Good luck, the next couple weeks always seem to be the best.
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    Whitetail, shooter? Or would you pass?

    I’m on the fence on this one. Have a couple pics of him now. He looks like he would be a great deer next year but I don’t think my neighbors will give him a pass. Not nearly as nice of a photo as the OP. But same predicament.
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    7mm 180gr VLD Hunting

    I run the 180s in my 7RM with RL26 and a 0.015 jump. Seems to be the best for my particular rig.
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    US Optics FDN 25X brand new

    She’s a beauty. Wish I had the resources to get it.
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    Backyard Bucky - DANG!

    Did you notice the growths on the shoulder of him? Very odd. Not sure what that would be.
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    Backyard Bucky - DANG!

    Muddy boots, I’m from Michigan too and we’re I’m at that deer will not walk past any hunter around me without being shot at. I confess, I’m one of them. 30 years of hunting and nothing like that around my cameras or stands.
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    Moving to Lansing, Michigan

    Welcome. I’m S.W. of Lansing about 1.45 hr. Lots of good hunting and fishing here in MI. The Great Lakes offer great walleye and salmon fishing too. As for reloading you won’t have to look far. I’m not familiar with the local shops there but I would guess there are a couple good ones.
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    Ladder test MUST HAVE target !!!

    That’s interesting. I just set up a video camera close to the target, shoot my ladder test, and review the video. I know what order I shot it in so I just mark up my target as the holes show on video. Real cheap since I have an old video camera anyway.