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    LaCrosse Alphaburly soles coming off

    Don’t use gorilla glue. The same thing happened to me on a turkey hunt. In their defense I leave my boots on boot dryers and that may have contributed The gorilla glue got me through the hunt but my soles were brick hard Thanks Buck
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    Blind mag vs hinged floorplate for serious hunting?

    I like both. I prefer them over mags. I just converted my bdl to adl cause I got a stock for a good price and it was the upgrade I needed for my midrange deer gun 308. I do have a little lean toward the adl because it was my first. I had been working and saving for years and by the time my 16...
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    Dove for dinner

    Man I am hungry now!!!! Thanks Buck
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    Ultimate Budget Caliber

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I am a win mag guy Thanks Buck
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    Rifle Build old Rem 700

    All of mine have been 1/2 moa Remington and savages. It is a great project Thanks Buck
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    For Sale RCBS 30-06, 22-250 and 45acp dies for sale

    Is the 22-250 fl sizing and bullet seating die set Thanks Buck
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    new to the Forum , hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum
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    What size gongs for 400-600?

    When I started I built them out of soft steel 1/2” but don’t shoot them less than 400 yds with 308 and 300 win mags I have up too 24 x 24” plates for development and practice on windy days. As things developed I started buying at steel targets from jake at Jc steel targets. Great guy and great...
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    Savage stealth hunting stock?

    I put a stealth stock with a luth at on the 6.5 creed build for my wife with 22 “ barrel it is a little heavy on the front end but shoots like a dream. It was built for prone and shooting houses though Thanks Buck
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    What light for coyote hunting?

    I have a wicked light as well. It is adjustable spot and has mounts to gun also. You can adjust power out put too. Thanks Buck
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    204 Ruger options? Tikka? Ruger?

    I put together one from a Stevens 200 in 223. I used CDi bottom metal. The 223 mag holds 7 in 204. It was meant for prairie dog but have not made it there yet. So it use it for everything else in the mean while. Criterion barrel Thanks Buck
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    Starting out a young shooter, who's left eye dominant. Got questions..

    One of my shooting buddy’s is left handed and left eye. He can shoot both ways cause he had right hand gun growing up. When we started long range shooting it actually helped. He shoots a right hand gun left handed and works the bolt with his right instead of his left. His head never repositions...
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    First form 1 build

    S Just google form 1 build you will find all information you need. Get your fingerprints done you have to have two cards per person. Use a app for your pictures. E file your form 1 on ATF website. They will send a email a cover letter to mail your fingerprints hard copy and a month later they...

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