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    300 Weatherby Ammo

    I just purchased some 220 grain round nose ammo for my 300. What will the round nose do ballistically compared to say a nosler? 200-400 yards? Will the bottom fall out?
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    need info on soft gun case.

    I cannot take a hard case.
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    need info on soft gun case.

    I am going on a float trip to Alaska in a month. I need the best soft case I can find for protecting my rifle. I read where military snipers use what they call a drag bag and the name fits what I think I am looking for. I want something camo and tough. I am taking a 300 wthby mag.. long...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb remington 541s

    I have a 541t. IDK if you would be interested but you can make an offer. It is a 9 of 10. The only prob is the stock has a scuff from taking rest on a fence post. Easy fix. Everything else is flawless.
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    500 yard shooting.

    I hope those woods behind the target are under your control.... A few clicks too many and a passing squirell hunter could get a hunt of a lifetime!!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington Model 700 SPP Police with Zeiss scope Sold!!!!!!!!!!!

    Re: Remington Model 700 SPP Police with Zeiss scope pix please sir [email protected]
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    Info on breaking in a new Remington SPS700 in .223

    How do I know what barrel twist I have? Does a more twist mean u can shoot a smaller bullet? I guess since I bought a factory gun then the twist will dictate what grain bullet I will have to shoot thus limiting me to the yardage. I don't have to shoot 1000yards.. I am basically going to...
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    Info on breaking in a new Remington SPS700 in .223

    So do I break the barrel in on just any cheap ammo? I would like to have some idea what the gun is doing durring this period but I hate to waist expensive ammo to do that. Also is there any way to buy ammo off the shelf and expect anything good or do I just need to plan on hand loading to...
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    Info on breaking in a new Remington SPS700 in .223

    I have a solvent mix that the old gunsmith that I once worked with had me using. It was a crow oil mix...??? Does that sound firmiliar? He never told me to use a brush on my 300 wthrby but it was broken in. He did want me to clean it after 5 shot groups though it seemed that the first shot...
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    Ring and Base question.

    I just ordered a 6.5x20 Leupy for my Rem 700 sps .223. The guy I am buying scope from recomended 20moa Night force base and Rings. What is everyones opinion on this? I am pretty sure I want a 20moa base correct? I want to be able to shoot out to 1000yrds. Is there any reason not to have...
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    Info on breaking in a new Remington SPS700 in .223

    Thank you very much. I am thinking I will go with the Leup. One more question. I always cleaned my gun just with patches and solvent. Do I need to run a wire brush? Copper?
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    East Tn Coyote

    When do the coyotes breed? Obviously deer season is over and I was wondering when is the best months t hunt?
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    How does a suppressor effect long range shooting?

    I just did a search and found other responses to the same question. Man I wish I could hook up with one gun buider to help with all these issues that I have but who do you go to?
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    How does a suppressor effect long range shooting?

    I have one on a 10-22. I love it!! I have raced dirt track cars my whole life and have a problem with hearing. I love shooting but i grew up shooting without ear muffs or any protection. It is feasable to set up your rifles with suppressors? What is the legality of hunting coyotes and...
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    Info on breaking in a new Remington SPS700 in .223

    Thanks guys. Retiredcpo, I am in the proccess of purchasing my scope. I have narrowed it down to a leupold 6.5x20, 8.5x25 (not sure if I want the ffp model or not) or the Zeiss conquest 6.5x 20. You see the problem is my whole life I have always tried to buy the best available. Now I am...