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    Hart barrels?

    He is only a gunsmith and will build you a complete rifle. He uses all different kinds of barrels, but doesn't manufacture barrels. I have a Hart barrel on a Borden action and it is a tack driver
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    Hart barrels?

    Bobby Hart has no affiliation with Hart barrels
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    Reloader 26 at midsouth

    I ordered a 8 lb, last night
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    6.5x284 loads

    1-8 twist, 3 shot group you could cover with a dime at 100 yards
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    6.5x284 loads

    H1000, 58.0 gr, 156 Berger, 2992fps no pressure signs, jump .02, BR2 primers, lapua brass, thru a 24" , 8t, carbon6 barrel
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    Reloading Bench Set-Ups

    It's cramped but it works!
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    I'm Deciding Between a Criterion and Shilen Barrel at Northland

    When I got a barrel from Jim I asked him which one he liked the best, his answer was "the one I have in stock".
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    Why the 6.5 caliber?

    I think it's the bullet selection that's available. There's a bullet for everything
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    6.5x284 24" vs. 26" Barrel

    I shoot the 156 Bergers at 2994 fps in my 6.5x284 using H1000. My barrel is a 24" C6 carbon 1-8 twist.
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    6.5 156 EOL

    My oal is 3.154, no sign of pressure, I went up to 58.4 but groups opened up
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    6.5 156 EOL

    jumping .02 not home, but I'll measure when I get home, I use a hornady comparator, 2.47 to lands so I load to 2.45 with the 156 berger
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    6.5 156 EOL

    In my 6.5 x 284 with H1000, I use 58 grains, 24" barrel, 1-8 twist, I get 2994 fps
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    156 eol in 6.5x284 norma

    What barrel length and twist are you using? I have a carbonsix barrel coming in 6.5 x 284 with a 8 twist.
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    Savage Accu-trigger conversion

    Is it possible to convert a bottom bolt release to a top release??
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    6.5 156 EOL

    What twist is everyone using?

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