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    What is it with the 270 wsm

    The 6.5-300 bee is straight savage. I’ve killed elk both whitetail and mule deer and antelope with it from close to some what far. 680 is the farthest big game kill.
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    What is it with the 270 wsm

    Mine doesn’t get the love it should. Shot my biggest mule deer buck with it and a pile and half of deer and antelope. Now it just sits because I have a 6.5ss, 6.5-300 wby. And then just all around to much over lap. Still a favorite today just doesn’t get shot as much as it should.
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    338 builds (lapua/edge/or the like) lets see them.

    Budget build and my first garage gun. Savage action used to be a 300 rum that now has a 31” 9twist x-caliber barrel, chambered in 338 edge. oryx chassis and timney trigger. Now I’m just waiting for the arken scope until I pay off some hunts then it will get up graded to a Luepold mark 5. The...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Arizona. Found! Long range rifle in case

    Bean how many rule infractions are we up too now?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Arizona. Found! Long range rifle in case

    Might wanna read these.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Arizona. Found! Long range rifle in case

    I feel the ban hammer coming.
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    Cartridge Comparison Pro’s/Con’s

    6mm Sherman short tactical.
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    Some hammer damage

    Thats That’s crazy. I’m at 3570 with my 6.5-300 wby. 3993 is insane.
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    Howa Specialist Gunsmith

    That’s awesome! Congrats!
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    For Sale Or trade 338 Berg's 250 grain

    I won’t be able to make it to my lgs until Friday but last time I was there they had a few boxes of the Berger 250’s. I’d be more than happy to pick them up for you guys if need be. Just let me know.
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    6.5-300 loaded neck diameter

    I run 91 grains of lrt with a 124 hammer hunter. Can’t remember my previous as with us869 and 127 lrx. My oal with the 124 is mag length. Remember if trying this load start low and work up this load is safe in my rifle with my conditions. Thanks and shoot safe.
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    6.5-300 loaded neck diameter

    I have the same rifle. Fired case is .30
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    6.5-300 loaded neck diameter

    Just measured my handloads at .290 that’s with a 124 hammer loaded in it.
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    7mm STW Brotherhood - For those who shoot the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner

    I will also add shooters pro shop in the last two weeks has had stw brass as well.
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    300WSM - 124HH - Accurate Big Game?

    The data that bean provided says over 3800.