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    FYI-6.5 Sherman, 156 & Retumbo

    I have been reading information on this site for a couple of years. As a matter of fact because of some information on here I switched from R17 to Retumbo in my 6.5x284. I gained only about 50fos, but it cut my group from .6 to .25 which is great. I don't know what I bumped to make the last...
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    FYI-6.5 Sherman, 156 & Retumbo

    Ooops big fingers on small phone created post accidentally.
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    223 in Remington or Savage.

    Contact Longshot 300, he has a Savage heavy barrel for sale that groups .25 inch at 100. He purchased a Winchester Coyote that is a little lighter and he really likes it. He want some other rifles so doesn’t want to keep more than a couple .223’s. I know he was asking under $500 for it with...
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    Prairie deer shoot 2004

    It is kind of like tree stand hunting, but as you notice without the trees. I had some new loads that needed testing so four rifles for four deer. My first curiosity was the 175 gr SMK out of my 308 at 2650 fps. I have read that SMK’s are not good for deer because they shoot through like full...
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    Head shot anyone???

    I have shot a few deer in the head. I shot one in the head last year and remember why I quit. I like the meat and when you head shoot a deer everything shuts down fast. This leaves a lot of blood in the meat. Compare a steak from a bow shot and a rifle shot deer. The bow shot venison is...
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    lets see some LR rifle pics!

    I'm not sure this picture will come through. I am not sure how to post pictures at this site. Anyway, the 10/22 is good to 150 yards. Not long range perhaps, but it is for me. The 308 has a Leupole 4.5X14 30mm tube, 50mm objective, with mildot. Good to 1000 yads with 175smk over 44 gr of...
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    Horn. Interbond bullets

    I have tried the interbond in 308 Winchester, 300 WSM, and 300 Winchester Mag. I have not been able to get them to shoot well. I have used the 165 gr Swift Scirocco in the 300 Win Mag with very good accuracy. So far I have only shot a 180 lb whitetail. I have settled on 175 SMK for the 308...
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    How are you new members finding us?

    I have been on the sight for maybe a year now. I found the sight by typing in long range hunting on a search engine. What a breath of fresh air. I am so sick of hearing about how unethicle it is to shoot past even 300 yards. I have been killing deer out around 1000 yards for eight years now...
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    Laser range finder question

    I have had Bushnell 400, 800, then 1000. After dark my 100 Bushnell would do pine trees to 1300 yards, but bright days about 600 yards. The Leica are much better in a snow environment. I had the 100o Bushnell and the 1200 Leica at the same time. While waiting for my wife shopping I went in...
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    Barnes 168gn TSX NOT XLC?

    I could not get the xlc bullets to shoot good. I have .3 to .4 inch groups with the standard X and the tripple shocks, but I can't get good accuracy with the xlc. They group about 1.5 inches at 100 yards. I tried them in a 300 Win Mag, 300 WSM, and a Remingron 700P in 308.
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    168gr barnes triple shock match bullet

    dI'm shooting almost the same load as sakofan. 79 grains of R22, but I have a 26 inch barrel and am getting 3350 fps with 165 grain Ballistic Tips. Because the Tripple shock is longer it takes up some space in the case and raises breach pressure. The same load with Tripple shock gives me 3425...
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    screwed up 308

    Max you were right something was wrong. Not sure what, I did two things. First I slightly lapped the lugs again (very slight). Then I pulled the barrel and action from the stock. The first thing I noticed was a triangular hole behind the forward action screw. It was deep enough to push metal...
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    screwed up 308

    Thanks for the ideas. I have been cleaning with Sweats, or CR10 and finishing up with JB Bore cleaner. It shot best with Blackhills match before. I have been shooting it off sandbags, and from a Hart rest. I lapped the lugs myself with 800 grit garnet. After the lug lap it still grouped...
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    screwed up 308

    I hope someone has some ideas. I have a Remington 700P in 308. It was shooting Backhills match into .25 to .3 inch groups. It shot hunting ammo into 2 to 2.25 inches. The right locking lug was only contacting 10 percent, and the left not at all. Evidently the higher velocity was torking the...
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    Browning A bolt 2 in 300wsm

    Cocked I have one (300WSM), but I wouldn't say it shoots one ragged hole. It shoots factory into about.8 inch. The best is 180 Nosler Partition with 68 grains of R19. Not fast 2930 fps. It also shoots the Hornady 150 SST with 70 grains of R19. Both of these bullets will do .4 inches. I have...

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