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    Ballistic calculator

    Garbage info in garbage results out. If you have tried multiple ballistic calculators and keep getting bad results then it is the info going in. Frustrating for sure. Good luck
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    Have you had success getting Nosler ABLR bullets to group well?

    I’m shooting the 210’s out of a 300 rum. My coal is 3.77 and I’m 0.70 off lands. I tried em 0.1, 0.15, 0.25 etc off and they didn’t group like I expected. Backed em off and around 0.65 they got a bit better and at 0.70 off was the ticket. I agree, they take a bit to get to shoot. Good luck
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    New Sig Kilo 5k released

    Does/is the 8k compatible with Base Maps as well?
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    Considering 3 Brands-Models of Muzzle Brakes- Any Opinions?

    I had a MBM Beast brake on my 338LM and really liked it, excellent recoil reduction. Swapped it out for a self timed Terminator TA. Accuracy was consistent between the 2 and poi shift was minimal. The Beast weighs less than the Terminator but the Terminator balanced the gun a bit better. Both...
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    I’ve got an older M77 257 Roberts that shot horribly. Figured out it was a long throated sumbuck and started seating bullets out. Way out. 3.06 oal with Sierra 110 TGK and 43gr of H4350 and voila! Under an inch at 100. My gun also hates the 100gr Partitions, hope to try the 120s when they become...
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    Who cuts the best 6.5 barrel for overbore cartridges and heavy bullets?

    I like Lilja and McGowan for my 6.5-284. They have been easy to tune with the 156 Bergers and RL26. I have a SS Lilja along with a Chrome Moly Lilja and a Chrome Moly McGowan. The CM barrels have held up well, no complaints, and shoot well. Plus both companies are from my home state so that’s a...
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    Custom Rifle Cartridge Choice

    257 Roberts Imp with a fast twist barrel
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    Are you shooting as much with the ammo shortage ?

    No, lost all of my guns in a burglary when I was out of town. Bastards stole all the ammo plus all of my reloading supplies too. Darnedest thing. Just shooting my bow now and an old daisy BB gun.
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    7mm mashburn defiance anti

    That sounds fun! Did CC build that?
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    Why use a carbon wrapped barel?

    Why is that guy still yelling^^^^. Someone give him a snickers and some Star Trek episodes to watch.
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    Why use a carbon wrapped barel?

    I liken the CF vs Steel debate to the Berger vs Hornady vs Nosler vs “Cheap Stuff” or Lilja vs Bartlein or Cut Rifled vs 5r vs 5c. It just gives some guys a platform to pound on their chest and yell “My $H!+ is better cuz I said so”. Besides, I’m on days off and bored while drinking pumpkin...
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    Why use a carbon wrapped barel?

    This is amusing how angry everyone gets over CF wrapped barrels vs Steel. What if we only shoot Bergers out of the CF wrapped barrels AND its chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor? Lol!
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    Carbon Barrel Suggestion

    I’d go with Carbon Six. I have one in 338 and it shoots amazing, broke in fairly quickly and cleans up easy. I have 2 Proof barrels, one in 28 Nosler the other on a gas gun in 6.5 Grendel. Both shoot lights out but I still prefer the Carbon Six.
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    What binoculars and power are you all using for hunting and scouting in open country

    Zeiss Conquest 10x42s on my chest and 15x56 with a Sirui CF tripod in my pack. I feel they are well worth it.
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    Which annealing machine?

    I started with the Annealeeze and really liked it. Once it’s dialed, away ya go. I did end up buying an AMP due to the fact ADG, Lapua and 28 / 26 Nosler brass are spendy. If you are interested in an annealeeze, I don’t use mine any more and would be willing to part with it pretty reasonably...