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    re-barrleing Tikka .270wsm

    I shoot the 300 wsm. one thing I would be concerned about with shooting the heavier bullets in the wsm is the loss of case capacity. With my 300, the heaviest I would go without having a long action is 185 grain - beyond that, I don't have the case capacity to get the velocity to make the...
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    Need help deciding on a cal or rifle for first build

    just remember - nothing is free. Better velocity and baistic performance = shorter barrl life and higher recoil.
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    180gr 300WSM loads? favorites?

    how long is the barrel? Those are extremely high velocities... best I could get out of the 180 and R17 was about 2880 fps with a 24" barrel. Cool results
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    good time for PD in the dakota's?

    Thanks... I am starting to think I should make my fall trip for 2012 into a early summer trip for 2013...
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    good time for PD in the dakota's?

    apparently there is no good time to go hunting in the dakota's... LOL any input from those who have hunted late summer would be appreciated. thanks again
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    Zeiss opinions

    pay attention to the amount of adjustment available. A friend of mine has one in 4-14 and it only has 40 moa adjustment... not nearly enough to reach out to extended ranges.
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    What's you range rates $$$?

    I was a member of a local gun club with nice pistol rages and limited rifle ranges, 100 and 200 yards with restrictions on shooting through toobs. cost was about $140.00 per year. This year I made a small private range that is "free" for me but you need 4wd to get to. but now i have some...
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    good time for PD in the dakota's?

    A couple buddies and myself are starting to plan a trip to do a little doggin. I was origionally thinking some time in september, but I am looking for advice on weather or not this is a good idea to go this late... thanks, Mark
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    Left handed help

    I am right handed, left eye dominent. I shoot left handed rifle and shotgun but preferr pistol right handed. Now I'd say I'm a little strange lol. I have both right and left handed bolt rifles... personally I would always go with a left handed bolt for any rifle I plan on haveing quick...
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    How far away will you shoot at a deer?

    I'm voting for 750 since that's as far as I have reliably practiced at. If the conditions are poor and the deer is moving fast I've passed up shots at 250 yards too... all depends
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    some range data and questions

    If shooting the same powder and same bullet you shouldn't have to clean between strings. If you switch powders or bullets I would simply brush the bore and swab it dry to remove excess residue, then fire 1 round to allow the new powder/bullet residue in the bore. (powder moreso than bullet)...
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    VLD 6.5, saboted up to 7 feasible, or even possible?

    IMHO your asking for something that is not impossible but unlikely. FYI the sabot for a .308-.224 would be only .042" on each side (not huge). The sabo for a .284 to a ..264 would only be .01"... what material would hold up to this in the 60K pressures that would be developed? I wouldn't go...
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    .243 blown primers

    I would seariously consider using a different powder or a different bullet. I have no experience with that powder brand. However, I have had a similar experience using Hodgdon's loading data and a 22-250 switching to a 60 grain pill. I used a medium load to start with since I had maxed out the...
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    moly coated bullets

    I quit running moly coated bullets about 8 years ago because it seemed to be easy to allow moisture in the barrel. However, I was doing my own moly coating and the wax amount was perhaps inconsistant. If I were in your shoes I'd simply tumble the moly off if the bullets are not loaded. But if...
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    First squirrel kill

    Don't shoot that one, but I shot dozens of squirrels in Morrison county with a 2100 classic pushing around 750 fps. From what I remember if you get a good solid hit with a soft pellet it was a good kill. I shot a woodchuck with it even (although it was through the eye). DOA May want to try...