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    Savage 22-250

    well, it aint a 22-250, but I got the predator in .204 ruger, with 6-18 leupold VX-II... soo sweet. just got back from a field test today, still not quite dialed in, not one for much paper punching. but once it was on, the rock chucks went flying. so seems plenty accurate so far, load was 40...
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    .204 Ruger

    @ 12 lbs. thats a little bigger than I wanted to go, but I beat its **** accurate. I could settle for the rem 700 VS SF, its only 8.5, not terribly heavy.
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    .204 Ruger

    Probably not the right sub-forum, but oh well. I'm thinking about building a .204 ruger. I am in the middle of selling my ruger 243 VTII, it shot ok, but was just too **** heavy to pack in any good distance. The .204 seems to have a lot going for it, and im thinking something like a rem 700 LV...
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    ? Temperature Sensitive ?

    Hodgdon has a line of extreme powders that have very little temp sensitivity. 10-15 fps variation between 30-100 deg. if I remember right, go check out their page; extreme powder line. varget, H-1000, retumbo... just to name a few
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    Bullet Performance at Long Range.

    @ < 600yds... AR-30, 338 lapua & 300 SMK at max retumbo load listed in sierra book = only movement made by the deer was airborne backflips, kinda like a prarrie-dog, so yeah...DRT! exit hole was baseball sized..? I guess, with bone frags everywhere, front shoulders were shattered.
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    Help the Marine Corps decide on a new caliber for their sniper rifles

    Well I have researched for years, trying to make that same decision.... I don't know why why still issue the .308 as a marksman round, just not enough. I ended up going with the .338 Lapua version in Ar-30. factors- cost- $1500 weight- 14.5 lbs. bolt action = accuracy 5 rnd mag...
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    Wildcat 338 bullets...

    zunrj5, the alum tip rbbt's have a longer bearing surface than a 300 smk., just think= a-max vs. smk. The smaller rbbt has a higher bc, as well as bearing length. due to the alum. ballistic tip. So in the long run, you get a bc higher than a 300 smk, and a velocity that is higher as...
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    Wildcat 338 bullets...

    Was just wondering if those alum. tips were still in prototype, or in production.. and of course what they run...$ did anyone ever peg a solid b.c. #, last time I read, they were higher than expected. would the 265gr., or 300 be better in a lapua? (1-10"); probably the 265 right? thanks...
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    carying large magnum ammo in the field

    just one round is all I need... ;-p
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    7mm rem mag vs 300rum better long range?

    300 rum for sure... but do you reload?... either will eat up barrels pretty fast, so let them cool between shots. flat shooting is not the end all in long range, wind drift, energy ect. all comes into play. imo the 338 rum is probably the best "cheap/entry" long range caliber, loaded of...
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    257 weatherby mag question

    Well I have a .257wby custom; it spits 100gr barnes xbt's at 3700fps, into one hole at 100 yds. love it. I would not hesitate to use on elk, but only with barnes bullets!!! I have yet to recover a bullet from any deer... I really like the speed of this caliber. definatly not a Long...
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    Can't decide which caliber

    why not a .338 ultra...? might as well do it right the first time, plus longer barrel life with the larger bore. 300 smk's do a number on deer... =-)
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    kinda long range...

    well, the other week I had the chance to hunt some private land where you could sit on the front porch and watch the deer feed in from a timber line into the field at just shy of 600 yds. I Told em it was too close...haha. well one walked out, and I sat behind the Ar-30, 338 lapua, looking...
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    Super Sniper

    got the 10x, love it. go for it, you wont regret it. good shooting.
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    338 250gr BTHP Match bullet by Hornady...????

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Rumour has it Hornady is seriously thinking about a 275gr Amax. [/ QUOTE ] Sweet.....