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    105gr berger VLD

    My 243AI wears a Rock Creek 1-9"tw at 24". It shoots the 105VLD very well. I'm running them at 3200 with 44gr of R-17 in Lapua brass. I also moly them. @100yds @200yds (there's 3 under there) @705yds
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    McMillan A3 vs HTG ADJ for hunting

    This is exactly why I say people should try stocks first. The HTG obviously works better for you than it does me.....and it works for a whole LOT of people, just not for me. :D
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    McMillan A3 vs HTG ADJ for hunting

    My advice is for you to post up where you live and maybe some of the guys close to you would let you check out their stocks in person. Stock fit is a personal thing and it's hard to tell what you would like just by having us tell you what we like. I have, and have used, the HTG/A2/A3/A4/A5 and...
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    .223 varmint bullet, 1-9 twist, will it fail?

    You'll be fine. I ran 40Vmax's in my 1-8"twist 22-250 and they held together just fine.
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    Give Away Contest - Huskemaw Blue Diamond 3-12 Rifle Scope

    Enter Me In The Huskemaw Scope Contest
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    Rifle Make Over

    I'd bed the rifle into a used VLS stock. It would be a significant improvement over the factory plastic and would set you back very little. Glass is a personal choice and I run everything from turreted VXII's,III's, Mark4's and Nightforce scopes. My turreted VXII's and III's see the most use on...
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    243 Ackley.

    I'm running moly'd 105VLDs at 3200 and moly'd 105AMax's at 3250 in my 1-9"tw 24"er with Lapua brass and R-17. I use the Redding 3 die set for all my AI's (223AI/243AI/25-06AI). You can use the Lee Collet die for sizing on AI's though, and they are not expensive. I don't know about using standard...
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    .243 win

    I've used the 223/223AI/22-250 on deer with very good "luck" out to decent ranges (300+) I've used the 243/243AI/25-06AI to even further ranges. It's still all about the bullets. I know this is an apples to oranges comparison, but my 243AI/105VLDs at 3200 is just about equal, and starts to pass...
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    I glad there is this long range hunting site!

    Not sure how far you are from Youngs, but we shot there for years and its a great range. Youngs Long Shot Range
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    Split Necks when Fire Forming >243 AI

    I've have quite a few AI'd rifles and have only ran into split necks while forming one time. It was when I was using once fired brass to form for one of my 223AI's. You say that you do have the .oo4" crush fit so it's not that. (personally) I like to put the bullet in the lands when forming...
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    I glad there is this long range hunting site!

    I just knew someone would point out my grammar mistake. (grin)
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    Why do you reload cartridges?

    I load as a means to an end. Most of what I shoot isn't available off the shelf. I also shoot way to much to buy factory ammo. If money wasn't an option at all, I'd have one of the custom loaders load all my ammo and ship it to me by the pallet. I don't reload as a hobby, I shoot as a hobby and...
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    250yd rifle

    I could really like that one! I'm interested in the stock (especially the weight), you say you make them?
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    Budget 500 yard gun ?

    Personally if I was just wanting a 500yd deer rifle I'd go 243. Rifle would depend on the target weight I was looking at. If I wanted heavy I'd pick up a Rem VLS and run either 105Amax's/VLD's, or run the 95VLD if the 105's wouldn't shoot. Scope would a 1" 3.5-10x40 Leupold with a M1 turret. If...
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    I glad there is this long range hunting site!

    So where do you other Michigan guys shoot? When I used to live downstate we used to shoot on our farm to 600yds. We still do, I just don't live there anymore. We also used to go to Young's 1000yd Range all the time.