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  • Did you ever get your 100gr 308 to make NJ happy? Hornady and Speer both manufacture them. Great plinkers or varmint loads, especially with SR4759.
    I use MidwayUSA and Sinclair for most of my stuff, but I buy most of my powders and primers locally so I don't have any hazard fees. I do special order some stuff at my local sport shop.
    Howdy! I just read your review of the 700 VTR in .308 after purchasing my own today. Mounted a 4.5-14 Pentax Pioneer on Leopold base/rings, and looking to work up a load for it this weekend. I was very impressed with the last group you had with the 178 A-MAX's. I'm going to try out about the same. We'll see what happens! If you don't mind me asking, where do you purchase your reloading supplies at? Online, I assume? I'm trying to find a good place as I'm just getting into reloading myself.
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