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    Longest coyote kill. Gun and what state u live in.

    In N.W. Ohio it's so flat and residential, it's difficult to get a shot past 300 yards. My longest was 190 yards with a Savage VF11 in .243, 75gr. Hornady V-Max @ 3300 fps. I'm hoping to improve that distance with my new Savage Axis XP in .22-250 with 55gr. V-Max @ 3500 fps. Bowhunter57
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    Accuracy of a Ballistics Calculator?

    I entered the info into the Hornady Ballistics calculator for my .22-250 with the 3500 fps loads that I'm using for a 150 yard zero. How reliable is this information? Should I shoot the yardages that I intend to hunt to check it? Also, is it possible to sight in at .4" high at 100 yards (like...
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    DIY Bullet Puller w/ 9 pics

    I needed a bullet puller and can't find one locally, nor did I want to wait to order one online. So, I found a video on YouTube that explained how to build one. I have $10.45 in schedule 80 parts for this one...and it works. :cool: The Parts: The foam handle plug keeps the gun powder from...
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    Howa Axiom Varmint Rifle

    The "package" deal that is offered with this rifle has a decent powered scope, in a 4x16x44...called a Nikko Stirling, which I know nothing about and have never heard of them. This may be one of my considerations for my next varmint rifle. Legacy Sports - Axiom Varminter Scope Package Does...
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    Coyote Up Close

    Very nice! :) I used to sketch, but haven't tried it in decades. It's a talent that, if you don't use it, you lose it. Keep up the good work! Bowhunter57
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    Sporter barrel vs. Varmint barrel

    Thank you, for the replies, gentlemen! Other than when I'm sighting in the rifle, I have no plans to fire several rounds at one time. 1 or 2 rounds at a groundhog or coyote would be it. While bench shooting to sight in the rifle, I can take my time and allow a sporter barrel to cool, to be...
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    Sporter barrel vs. Varmint barrel

    I'm considering the purchase of either a 22-250 or a 243, for varmint (groundhogs & coyotes) hunting. I'm interested in Savage rifles and a couple of their options are a Sporter barrel that's 22" long or a heavy Varmint barrel that's 26" long. I'm after accuracy and speed with 55gr. and up to...
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    My first 400 yard ground hog

    justinp61, Congratulations! :cool: I did the same thing with the same rifle, about 15 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. When you make the shot, you kinda just sit there and stare at the distance for a you're stunned that you actually made the shot. A cool feeling...
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    30 caliber coyote rifle

    MudRunner2005, You make a valid point and your list of smaller calibers is just as impressive. In this part of Ohio, it's flatter than a road killed squirrel, so good bullet fragmentation is important to avoid skips and ricochets. The last 22-250 that I owned, I shot a 55gr. V-Max at 3855...
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    30 caliber coyote rifle

    westcliffe01, You have made some very valid points and I appreciate it. :) In this part of Ohio it's flatter than a road killed squirrel, so getting high speed and good fragmentation is important. I'm seriously leaning toward another Savage in .22-250. I sold my last Savage 22-250, to a Marine...
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    30 caliber coyote rifle

    westcliffe01, I used to own a Remington 788, in .308. I reloaded some 110gr. Hornady V-Max bullets for it with some IMR-3031, that gave me a 3040 f.p.s. average and a 3 shot "clover leaf" group at 100 yards. I never tested it past that distance, so I have no idea of it's longer range abilities...
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    30 caliber coyote rifle

    SavageShtr, You are correct, sir. I had not looked at the reloading specs for the 300wsm, but it is considerably faster than the .308. I'm curious as to the recoil differences between the two cartridges. Bowhunter57
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    30 caliber coyote rifle

    I want to purchase a 30 caliber rifle for coyote hunting. Accuracy and speed are the main criteria that I want in a that order. Accuracy out to 400 yards and speed for light weight bullets with good fragmentation. Brand-wise, I prefer Savage rifles...however, I may have to choose...
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    Rage broadheads... i've always heard the horror stories!

    skeeterboud, Are you shooting the MX series of Muzzy broadheads? The MX series has a shorter ferrule and that's what's needed for faster shooting bows. Short ferruled broadheads are more aerodynamic and offer less surface area for wind planing. :) I've been shooting Fuse Banshee, Slick Trick's...
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    Frank Feldman

    A man walks out to the street and catches a taxi just going by. He gets into the taxi, and the cabbie says, “Perfect timing… You’re just like Frank!” Passenger: “Who?” Cabbie: “Frank Feldman. He’s a guy who did everything right, all the time. Like my coming along when you needed a cab, things...

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