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    300 Win Mag brass in stock at Grafs

    It shows Peterson 300 win mag brass in stock
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    300 win mag brass

    Midway has some Norma 300wm brass for sale
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    Kimber 280 AI & Ammo

    I have that same rifle and I love mine. Very light weight. I use 162 eld-x for my reloads and it shoots them really well.
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    30 cal 200gr Eld-x

    I have 2 unopened boxes I’d sale you
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    WTT Bullets for other reloading components. AZ

    I have the following bullets that I’m only looking to trade right now: Hornady 7mm 175gr ELD-X 1.5 Boxes (qty 155) Hornady 22cal 55gr SP 2 Boxes (qty 200) Barnes 30cal 180gr TTSX BT 4 Boxes (qty 200) I’m looking to trade for the following: Whinchester small rifle primers Berger 215...
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    AR10... 6.5 or .308?

    I really really appreciate all the info, experiences, and advice! I definitely got more than I was expecting. From all the info, I'm definitely leaning the .308 direction. I'll give an update when I make a decision and start putting it together. If I can find parts 😂
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    SOLD/EXPIRED H-1000 Powder ( Phoenix Area)

    Email Sent
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    AR10... 6.5 or .308?

    I would be shooting paper more than anything. I would also be hand loading for as much accuracy as I can get. That being said, I’m not expecting any extreme precision from a semi-auto, but I’d like to be as close to MOA as I could be. And I’d love to run it out to 1000yrds, just not sure how...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED H-1000 Powder ( Phoenix Area)

    I’m unable to PM you as well
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    SOLD/EXPIRED H-1000 Powder ( Phoenix Area)

    I just saw the rules of classifieds. I’m brand new to the site and I don’t think I have 10 posts, that might be the reason.
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    AR10... 6.5 or .308?

    I’ve got an upper and a lower for an AR 10 build. Trying to make a decision on which direction to go, 6.5 Creedmor or .308. Looking for some help from someone that has experience with AR10s that could nudge me one way or the other with their experiences. I want to use it for long range...
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    Pop-up Deer Blind recommendations ?

    Barnett makes some good blinds at a fair price. They also have several options that are pretty big. I was archery hunting out of the grounder 350 with my wife in there too. I have a 32” draw, it was a little tight, but it was doable.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED H-1000 Powder ( Phoenix Area)

    I’ll take one. Please pm details also, thank you!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leica geovid HD-B

    PM sent.